Год: 1995
Автор: Diana Gabaldon
Издательство: Arrow Books
This is the third novel in the bestselling outlander series. Jamie Fraser is lying on the battlefield of Culloden, where he rises wounded, to face execution or imprisonment. Either prospect pales beside the pain of loss — his wife is gone. Forever. But sometimes forever is shorter than one thinks. In 1746, Claire Fraser made a perilous journey through time, leaving her young husband to die at Culloden, in order to protect their unborn child. In 1968, Claire has just been struck through the heart, discovering that Jamie Fraser didnt die in battle. But where is Jamie now? With the help of her grown daughter, Claire sets out to find the man who was her life — and might be once again.

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  1. Fucking awesome found them today from listening to sonata arctics now seeing them tomorrow lol!!!

  2. i seen yous at bodom in victoria. been listening to your tunes ever since 😀

  3. You just rocked Perth! Great band! Loved seeing yous live! 🙂

    1. Thanks Steven 🙂

      Would really appreciate if you could vote for us in the prog awards if you have the time 🙂

  4. very original perspective and deep music in all apspects I love it.

  5. Please play Iron Dream and Hyperventilating on your show in London next week! See you!

  6. great band live the singer looks like Michael Hutchins from inxs. id never heard of them and they opened for another band and they blew the headline act away imo.

  7. Were just added to the bill for 2018 Bloodstock. Will be a great act for it

  8. Hey all, its the last week to vote in the Prog awards and we need everyones help. We would be incredibly humbled to win the beast breakthrough artist award, considering who we are up against. Please vote and share, share, share. It would mean the world to us. Follow the link below to do so 🙂

  9. Thank God someone like these guys & girls exist!!! Im very very glad for introducing to their music,already have all albums and from the first moment Ive heard the meaning of I with one of my favorite singers D.C. Cooper,I cant stop listening to it,even I recently bought new Megadeth what Ive listened and liked,but this totally took the first place of favorite bands for ,who knows how long in the future!!! ;-D 🙂

  10. Heartfelt greetings from Russia! Daniel, your image is demonic, but the voice and the music are divine! As for me, Voyager is a breath of fresh air ,divine metal! Im drowning in euphoria!

  11. Can someone please give me the basic chords for this song? Id like to make some kind of acoustic version.. Thanks.

  12. @billbatman64 I shared this with a friend of mine from london. shes a genius on the guitar. she just bought herself a new ibanez and she loves it… and she is very proficient. no problems playing CoB 🙂

  13. I found this band by a wonderful accident and was happily surprised by their sound. Also, the frontman has a uniquely beautiful voice. Please dont kill me for saying this (:D), but their melodies with their frontmans voice can provide the base for amazing trance and electronic remixes in general! …Just food for thought, if anyones interested! All in all, keep up the REALLY good work!!! 🙂

  14. От Славян всему миру Концепция общественной безопасности изучайте наздоровье.

  15. brillante , heyyyy buen video y hablando musicalmente excelente banda.

  16. Just saw these guys last night at Altar Bar, Pittsburgh! FUCKING EPIC!!!! Was right against the stage for them and Rhapsody of Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. words cannot express how much I like this song, its a thing of beauty

  18. Lol, sounds like Metallica vs Depeche Mode. More like Type O Negative on a happy day.

    1. @Vvykk Type O Negative on a happy day? That would never happen. lol

  19. Damnit! Now I have to buy this album. This song is awesome! I just bought The meaning of I and V (literally just opened them). How many albums do you guys have?

  20. Wow, It had been almost four years for me to like a metal band again. This is awesome, first time I say this on YouTube: this should have more views.

    1. Hey Mark! Loved all your work with Voyager. Hope you are keeping well

  21. Thanks to Last FM free music downloads so I could find this awesome band!!

  22. saw them last night in Toronto…was VERY impressed, got the 2 CDs they were selling and really liked seeing Simone in the band……she rocked! and Dannys voice is magnificent!

  23. They sounded much better than Children of Bodom when they performed together in Luna Park in 2011.

    Amazing music!!!!

  24. I recently found Voyager and love their stuff. I would say this is the best flippin prog metal to come out since Dream Theater and Circus Maximus. Do yourself a favor and buy their albums as they are all amazing and youll get a nice DC Cooper surprise in there as well which was awesome to hear!

  25. When the singer comes in …
    Oh yeah, thats right. Metal CAN have clean vocals. I forgot about that.

  26. Good song, not a fan of the production though. Doesnt sound powerful enough.

  27. Just saw you in Brisbane supporting children of Bodom! FUCKING IMPRESSIVE. loved every minute of your set 🙂 You guys are going places!

  28. Is she playing one of the new mini PG Ibanez guitars in the video?

  29. muito show esse vídeo!isso que eu chamo de excelente gráfico de imagem  

  30. I saw this guys open for Rhapsody of Fire last night they kicked major ass!!!!!!!

  31. Glad I stumbled unto this band, reminds me a bit of Pagans Mind without the really high pitched vocals.

  32. @billbatman64 correction: simone shreds better than most of the big boys. =)

  33. Saw these guys in Ny with rhapsody and these guys were fucking amazing and funny. you guys are fucking amazing

  34. I was lost till I discovered voyager ..cant wait to get my copy of ghost mile …..

  35. this is so awesome! its like a modern verison of queensryche, and those guys rock!

  36. searching for aussie metal.. google listed you guys.
    listened to four songs now..
    Good music, great video, good voice, it seems to be missing the anger, passion, pain something. and Im not connecting to the lyrics..
    Ill try a few more, skill level 100% … Aussie Aussie Aussie

    1. @Doug Blanchard
      Seriously? So its not about the difference in styles of music, its about the name of the festival?

      Voyager is pop-prog, its enough to fit within the PowerProg context.

    2. +Doug Blanchard not that it matters, but this is far from power metal

  37. I hope Neo doesnt kick your asses for invading the Matrix 😉 Lol

  38. @lorenyork I must agree. I stand corrected. Simone just kicks ass all around. She puts a lot of the Big Boys to shame. And yes, the other band members kick ass as well. Simone shreds very well, nice to see Metal infused with some Feminine Power. Metal has been primarily a Male dominated genre with some exceptions over the years and its always nice to hear a female perspective. Simone is just proof that Ladies can and do kick ass in the Metal scene as well.
    Keep it HEAVY

  39. my favorite band period. thinking of going to australia just to maybe catch a show!

  40. Im opening for these guys and Rhapsody tonight at Peabodys in Cleveland, its gonna be a fucking great show! so pumped!

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Год: 2004
Автор: Diana Gabaldon
Издательство: Arrow Books
Their passionate encounter happened two centuries ago when the gallant renegade Jamie Fraser sent her back to her own time, pregnant with his child, believing he would be killed in the bloody Battle of Culloden in 1746. Now their daughter has grown up and Claire discovers that Jamie survived. Drawn back across the chasm of time she seeks once more the man she could never forget, the destiny she cannot ignore … Формат: 11 см x 17,5 см.

126 Replies to “Voyager”

  1. I got an A+ on my first playthrough of this level on hard mode
    I still have an A- on normal mode

  2. Bota na cabeça que estilo não é marra e aí paulinho digei fais um salplei de guitarra dan da dan da dan da dan da ….


  4. Im a relatively new Hotline Miami fan, when it came to the second game, I heard this track on Down Under and said, Wow, this is some good shit. Still listen to it every single day.

    1. If you complete the level too fast you dont get to hear the good part of the song, so I just wait outside for about a minute lol.

  5. 0:00 (setting) 80s Nightclub Synth Bar at night
    0:16 Bad guys gang pull up
    0:24 Bad guys gets outta car with loaded weapons
    0:29 Storms into the club weapons strong starts searching.
    0:46 Protagonist disarms one of the goons & takes his weapons
    0:48 — 1:03 Bad guys hears it gets alerted comes to investigate.
    1:04 Protagonist cover is blown, fire fight begins (Bar shoot out)

    1. Bad guys: try to commit mass shootings before 2017

      Protag: not yet

  6. Playing Down Under makes you feel like a fucking pro… Then Homicide comes along and fucks your life. Literally the spike in difficulty is insane… Still… It took me about 2 hours but I got S rank with a combo chain from the first to the second floor.

  7. Played on literally every single workshop map youll ever play.

  8. I thought HM2s music wont be able to live up to the first games ost. Then this plays on the first level. I was dead wrong to make that assumption.

  9. I play this as tony.I always like tony but I
    Play this in hard mode.

  10. This… Reminds me of another song I listened to. I dont know what…

  11. Hotlime miami collection is the best indie ever made, so magic.

  12. You know I actually have an idea of a dystopian fps and one of the dlc would be the characters going to the 1980s to destroy a robot wreaking havoc and one of the Easter eggs would be a hotline Miami one where one of the levels plays in the top down perspective And the dlc will add the masks from the game and other weapons and customization items.
    And the game is called Anarchy. Which like I mentioned, is a dystopian fps that takes place many years after some global disaster. The game has 4 playable characters.

  13. I know Alex and Ash is basically a better version of Tony but hell Tony is more satisfying to use then any of them,whats more badass then punching the living shit out of Russians?

  14. follow me on instagram tomas hernandez 1 im a pink oven haha yes its me duck save oh


  16. I always play every level as Tony now, his faster punches remind me of Jackets faster melee swings

  17. Did anyone else notice the brightness change whenever you moved the mouse over the video?
    I might be seeing things, but Im pretty sure the brightness changes whenever you move the mouse over the screen.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it doesnt do that anymore.

  18. I dont know why but this song seems like the perfect song that just tells you welcome home, I know youve missed killing people, so here, start with this.


  20. I like how Gman from half life posted this mysterious man goes well with this song. Hahahahaha

  21. Coreys dodge roll is like trying to make a 11 year old say Ninja is gay

    D o e s n t e x i s t

  22. comments section:
    25%- corey dodge roll gay
    25%- what mask i used
    25%- jokes
    25%- edgelords

    1. Dude coreys dodge roll is gay but thats why i used tony mask lol, the enemies couldnt get a grip on tony, and then i played hardmode so i slit my wrists and dyed my hair blue and black

  23. im fullyloaded with amphetmine and im listen to this now 12 hrs im crazy its crazy huuuuuuuuuuuuregd

  24. I just spent a solid 2 minutes dancing in my kitchen alone bc this song came on

  25. Eu gosto dessa música por que eu me lembro do sanplei de guitarra

  26. When I hear this song all I can think about is strippers dancing…

  27. This song was my first impression of the game I gotta say it was a good one lol the feels you get

  28. If someone says “Don’t come into school tomorrow” to me, I’m joining them and playing this on a speaker

  29. Welcome
    to 1989/1981 ( Cant remember what year hotline miami 2 is) Where if someone punches you you die.

  30. Corey in a shellnutshell

    The female interpretation of Jacket if Jacket had an *ASSISTED SUICIDE* ability binded to the space bar

  31. Corey: roll dodge: ok (plays with corey)… Holy shit Corey u are some fucking useless.

  32. Ok no joke, this sounds slightly like a mix of sector sweep from Half-Life 2 ep2 and What kind of hospital is this!? from ep 1!!!

  33. I knew that the soundtrack from both hotline miami games were good but HOLY SHIT did they knock it out of the park with this one

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