The Rough Guide to Scottish Highlands & Islands

Год: 2011
Автор: Rob Humphreys
Издательство: Rough Guides
The Rough Guide to Scottish Highlands and Islands is the ultimate travel guide to this spectacular region. Written in Rough Guides? trademark honest and informative style, the guide features detailed practical advice on what to see and do and how to get about, plus up-to-date reviews of the best hotels, B&Bs, pubs, activity operators and campsites. This guide covers everything from hiking in the Cairngorms to whale-watching on Mull, plus where to find the best local produce from fresh oysters to fine malt whiskies. There are also full-colour features on the area?s unique wildlife and where to watch it, plus outdoor activities from mountain biking and climbing to surfing and skiing. With clear maps and detailed coverage of Scotland?s islands, national parks and mountain areas, The Rough Guide to Scottish Highlands and Islands will help you make the most of your trip. Make the most of your time on earth with The Rough Guide to Scottish Highlands and Islands.

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  2. That is why William Wordsworth made it so beautiful in his poems.

    1. Karl Hoffman: William Wordsworth wrote about and championed the Lakes District (Cumbria) of England. You may be confusing him with Robert Burns who wrote about Scotland. Wordsworth greatly admired Burns and kept a painting of him over the mantelpiece of his fireplace.

  3. Good photography, but I had to turn off the sound, as the narrator has made no attempt to pronounce the place names correctly!!

    1. @Simon Stokvis Yes, and anyone who believes in what the Bible says is a complete and utter retard, ergo my comment.

    2. @Ian Kogneeto I think you do not believe in the God of the Bible.
      The Bible makes it plain and clear ,..6000 years.

  4. I would have expected the narrator to have had more of a Scots accent though he did, admittedly, speak clearly and with reasonably good dynamics. Whilst credit can be given for that, I feel that with so many wrongly-pronounced words and, especially, his oft-displayed inability to say the Scottish ch sound, it became more and more irritating as the commentary progressed and we waited to hear the next mistake. If it was intended that people be drawn to Scotland or form a good perception of this part of the country and consider visiting, that didnt happen for me. Youd think that someone who is obviously considered to be a professional narrator would instinctively be aware of these aspects of the commentary and ensure that they were in his preparation.

  5. Migration and there culture will ruin Scotland our ways are not there ways everyone in Scotland should study our
    ancient heritage if we are silent we will REBEL. OUR SCOTTISH ANCIENT LAND WE WILL FLOURISH AGAIN.

  6. Thats good I am off to see the world I will always remember what 4,768 means for me and you

    1. 378.73.670.5,14.5 have it 164.79 live long good with meaningful memories. If happy with the wrong one just think how happy I will be with the right one comes along. Thank you for giving me a way there.

  7. better call on that silken fairy flag to do something about that stupid man who has taken away any facet of world peace.

  8. Nice video, crap narration. Sky fairies? Deities? Give me a break. The geology alone proves all ancient texts irrelevant.

  9. Love it. Would be awesome to live here and experience the natural beauty

  10. The only thing that would make this land better would be independence from all.

  11. Wonderfull video and excellent narration of he area. I have visited Scotland over 50 times for holiday. No place or country can beat it

  12. This takes me back. I am in South Australia, but back in 1988 I did a world tour and UK was the first port of call. I did a Trafalgar Tour of GB and I remember the Isle of Skye. Just found my trip book and it mentioned the story of Eileen Donan Castle and a place called Sconser, and another castle called Urquhart Castle. It was summer there then, but when I rang home, found out it was actually colder there than at home. At home it was supposed to be winter. The island surprised me as it was very wild. Had a good time.

  13. I live on Skye . Not born and bred but Scottish nonetheless . I was told by an archaeologist back in 2010 who was working at a dig that Skye and the Outer Hebrides are the oldest rocks on the Planet . I always thought Australia was the oldest rock or land mass but he disagreed and stood by his statement that Skye and The Hebrides, Lewis, in particular, are the oldest rocks

  14. Love Scotland! Have been to many of these beautiful places over the past 3 years. Cant wait to go back!

  15. Do nay be worried of the we faults of talk. Carries little harm. Great scenes.


  17. Im from Scotland. The Highlands are a photographers/video makers paradise.

  18. Super photography, dreadful pronunciation, some suspect geology — and where was all the wildlife he kept talking about?

  19. …spoiled only by persistent mispronunciation of place names, which normally I would let go…but its a video about Scottish places!! At least get a Scots man or woman to do it…theres plenty of us to choose from! Its reminded me to get back to Skye again though. What a place that is…unique.

  20. Could not watch due to that LARGE and conspicuous distracting logo in the top right corner. I stopped watching all TV channels 4 years ago due to annoying on-screen logos.
    KAN 3.19 UK

  21. Just back from Inverness, visited Culloden Moor, Ullapool headed north to see the views of the Summer Isles, unfortunately couldnt see Harris and Lewis too cloudy but the view was stunning. Came home through Fort William, visited Glenfinnan, seen the monument and the viaduct, and down through Glencoe, God it was Stunningly beautiful. Will return. Been to Mull from Oban, Iona, Mallaig ferry to Skye. Next time taking the A87 from Fort Augustus to the Kyle of Lochalsh and further north. I am lucky to live in Scotland.

  22. Whos this wanker talking???…. its Gaelic….Gaylik is Irish…..Loch Lee-ven yah twat.

  23. Scotland has been calling me my entire life. I am brought to tears by the landscape.

    1. carol carmel it hasnt carol, dont know where you are from…it sounds hysterical…
      come visit scotland..but stay away from certain islands away from mainland…
      the golden goose of scottish tourism is dying…
      dont believe what the tourist board is saying..they are only interested in keeping there jobs..and the PR department are mostly english..nothing to do with us scots…

  24. Almost every time I read of or hear about Eilean Donan Castle, a different pronunciation is given. Here, its ih-LEEN, then later ih-LAYN. A Scottish video yesterday said ELL-in. Theres EYE-leen, eye-LEEN, el-LEN, el-LEEN, AY-leen and probably others. Ive begun to think its a conspiracy so the Scots or someone can make fun of ignorant tourists. Seriously, is the name pronounced differently in different Scottish dialects? *May I suggest that a Scot trained in IPA write out the correct pronunciation for the entries on Eilean Donan at Wikipedia et al., and add audio of someone saying it?* In the meantime, I would hope Scots would remember that theyll make plenty of pronunciation errors in a foreign country, too.

  25. Literally got to 1min 23 secs and the amount of mispronunciations is horrific. Eilean is not pronounced Eileen. Mull has a u in it. Loch has a ch not a ck. Gaelic pronounces Gaylik is Irish! Do some research before you do a voiceover.

  26. I’ve been to Scotland twice now and your videos will be used by our family when planning our next visit. Thanks!

  27. Very, very good doc. Makes me want to leave bland Nebraska and spend several months, at least, exploring Scotland.

  28. As well as agreeing with the comments about the mangling of place names. I have to add that the Skye Bridge was not expected to charge a dollar. The currency in Scotland is pounds. The music is dire too. Sad, cos some of the shots are brilliant.

  29. one day i will produce videos of this quality fantastic guys

  30. I am a Scottish Canadian. I am obsessed with Scotland. Have hiked many a mile all over. The West Highland Way (7 times) is a world class trek. My mother was born in Glasgow (Dickson). When I’m in Scotland I feel as though I am home. I would agree that the narration could have been much more authentic had it been done either by a lad or a lass. The Anglo pronunciation detracts from the soulfulness of some of the magic that is Scotland. Otherwise…….magnificent. The views are stunning.

  31. The camera changes far too quickly to make this enjoyable. Its supposed to be relaxing, not a pop video.

  32. I am not Neal ,
    The lands of Scotland where not obtained by slaughter , but by marriage of King Kenneth MacAlpins mother who was a Pictish Princess .

  33. I,m a Brit …..and i love the Scots …but, ive never been there through ill health matters……..I hope one day i can visit this magical place….and after watching this vid..Scotland looks just as good as it does in my dreams .

    God bless you all my fellow Island folk <3

    1. Sorry for your illness.Hope you make it here sometime.All visitors welcome, especially our fellow Brits.

  34. we are from canada…….we were appalled by the sectarian parades in many towns against their catholic community . it couldn·t happen in a modern decent country !

  35. So historically inaccurate it made me wince watching it. I settled for watching it muted!

  36. Outdid yourself this time. Good information, warm, friendly presentation and as usual absolutely stunning photographic work. I ‘be been to Scotland twice now

  37. Hermoso pais es escocia,en la primavera europea estuve en su capital edinburgo el 2016.

  38. Went to Skye for two days. Stayed three months. Only departed due to an illness in the family. The Skye people adopted us as locals and our hearts remain there. This was last year and we intend returning at the end of the present tourist season. The magic and history embrace you.

  39. This is all illegal footage now since you cannot by law fly higher than 400 feet from where the drone pilot stands. New EU rules have pulled the plug on scenes like this being duplicated.

    1. What about filming from a helicopter? Have any of those filming laws changed?

    2. @Tank The Pitbull Unfortunately it doesnt matter UK and Scottish law has adopted it also; fact itll soon be worldwide practice. They want the 400ft space designated for commercial delivery drones like Amazon, the screws are tightening, and all drones will soon have to have a transponder; they will know who are and where you are, plus what you are doing.

  40. scottish orange order bigots hate catholic people here in scotland…… may wish to go somewhere decent instead

    1. Understood, perhaps easily avoided. I live in Ayrshire, born and bred.

    2. @peter wrightQuite, however it jarrs when you live in Scotland and know the correct pronunciation. A little bit more research would have overcome the issues.

  41. Great and informative video. Scotland is on the list for sure.

  42. Of all the places in Scotland, the Isle of Mull is my favourite. My Mother used to say how she loved the Isle of Skye, as do I, “but wait ‘til you visit Mull”, I told her. So we took her there on holiday and visited Iona too. The weather was beautiful. Sunny, with a gentle breeze. At the end of our holiday she agreed with my opinion that Skye is a wonderful island, but Mull has something magical about it that we couldn’t put into words.

  43. Informative, but a bit naff that simple words like loch are mispronounced.

  44. The tour I recently did, covered a lot of these parts of Scotland. What a fantastic time i had.

  45. Was no research done into the correct pronunciation of place names?

  46. Lovely scenery but excruciatingly bad pronunciation of the place names. The narrator even got Gaelic wrong (its gaa-lik).

    1. The narrator was most informative but……if he cant be told how to pronounce loch then get a Scotsman to do the job. Dont know why they didnt in the first place, after all — its all about Scotland ??!!

    2. I know what you mean, they could have got someone scottish to narrate or even double checked with a scot

  47. Scotland for scottish people only and is the best earth of the wold

  48. I’m sure the sound of sleet is very quiet, this guy must have great hearing. Also, I know an Elaine Doonan, though I didn’t know she had a castle.

  49. Live and love my country and thanks for showcasing some of her beauty

  50. Forbes, my name goes back to the Pics. I stumbled on this, very nice view.

  51. A really good film. The narrator ruined it with his pathetic pronunciations of 80% of the names. If you go to the expense of making the aerial film surly a little time spent to find out how to say place names would make this a fantastic film. My advice to you is Re do the over speech properly.

  52. I’m Scottish. It’s a lovely place so your generous compliments are appreciated. I choose not to live there and instead to live in a secular country where freemasonry is illegal and tell everyone I meet I’m a religious refugee. You have no idea how divided Scottish society is and suggest you keep future visits short and sweet

    1. Narration was far from perfect. Can’t pronounce the word “Gaelic” for a start. Stunning scenery though.

  53. This is nice- Im from different Country but I know Scotland better than 90% Scottish People. For example , ask the average Scot where the Hybrids are? No one will answer positively byt ask where is Benidrom, everyone will answer positively. Hah- Shame.

  54. I am from Brazil and the first time I heard of the Isle of Skye was when I was a teenager by 1963… reading The Legend of the Spanish Gold as mentioned in the video.
    35 years later — 1998 — I had the pleasure to spend one week in Skye…

  55. I live in Scotland, it rains every other day, I also climbed ben nevis, it rained

    1. @You Fcoffee I did climb ben nevis, it was about a month ago it it was pouring it down, took me 6hrs 40mins and I went up the main path, mid way on the walk is the red burn and not far after that is the zig zags, at the top there is a raised hut and a massive cairn you can go on the top of, is that enough proof that I climbed it

    2. Rubbish its been dry for weeks and you never climbed Ben Nevis, its a walk unless you went to the north face cliffs and you sound like a wimp so you didnt.

  56. We are living in France but have sold and are moving to The Highlands of Scotland, can’t wait.

  57. It was a very very evil how they Massacre those people why they were sleeping evil

  58. Could we not have a Scotsman to introduce the video……one who could pronounce the names

  59. My family, the Mackinnons once owned a large part of the island of Skye and Mishnish (including Tobhar Mairi/Tobermory) in Mull. We lost it all when the new British Parliament confiscated our estates after the Jacobite Rebellions in 1715 in which my family sided with the deposed Stuart dynasty, kings of Scotland, England , and Ireland. We managed to buy our estates back, but we could not afford the installments , so were forced to sell all of it. Today, the Mackinnons who once held 300 sq kilometers of estates in Skye and Mull with income from some fifteen villages, can only visit these wonderful places and admire the lands we once owned. Many other nationalist families suffered the same fate. Some of them were executed and imprisoned.

  60. I lived all these beautiful places in my camper car. Incredible journey, loved watching it again 🙂

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