STARPVD — A new improved PVD Image Steganography

Год: 2014
Автор: Sachin Arun Thanekar
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Nowadays hiding of secret messages into a digital image is the most widely and commonly used technique . It uses the weakness of the Human Visual System (HVS).There exists a large selection of approaches to hiding information in images. The research to develope strong steganographic and steganalysis technique is a continuous process. Pixel Value Differencing (PVD) steganography method embeds secret data in images based on the differences in neighbouring pixels. In Pixel Value Differencing and Tri Pixel Value Differencing (TPVD) steganography methods the data is hidden in 2 x 2 Square blocks. PVD and TPVD methods are vulnerable to histogram based attacks. In STARPVD approach 3 x 3 pixel blocks are used. Due to this eight pixel pairs are formed. Hence more data is hidden with this approach with better visual quality and better security.

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  1. U are a good YouTuber if u show secrets to the world of YouTube and every ur fans!

  2. Im thinking so hard what to do for your 5000 sub special.

    I was thinking of making a video where I print pages of 50 flies, or maybe make a little virus… I really cant wait for you to hit 5000 subs! Also, this topic is very intresting… Could you do it with mp3 files?

    1. heh thanks :3 and yeah, that works with MP3 files as well (I think) — hiding MP3 files inside a picture will definitely work (but be aware you will have a bigger file size), while Im not sure if hiding something in a MP3 would work

  3. now i can hide all my fanficts without anyone calling me a normie

  4. You can do it via cmd: copy /b imagefilename + secretfile
    And you can extract it with WinRar or 7Zip

    1. +danecek luk AFAIK it only appends the file, so basically you can discover it easily

  5. I wish I could but stupid FAMILY FEATURES is on my computer, I really hate it….. Please make a video on how to bypass it!! I cant TAKE IT! I cant run any .EXE files! Makes me want to rip my head off.

    1. +just.maddie im not here to show you how to bypass any specific child restriction software

  6. There is a way to hide a message in a jpg file without making any changes to the picture quality: In hex code a jpg file image ends with the code FF D9 and all code behind the FF D9 will be ignored so you can hide there messages. with ease

    1. @SinOfficial if you open the file with notepad++, you will see the message

    2. But when you zip the text, the text is unreadable in the hex editor and you cant stumble upon the message. Only the receiver know that he must copy the hex behind the FF D9 and paste it in a new file and add the ending .zip and then unzip the file.

    3. Using steganography, you are not changing the image quality, you are actually changing the image itself but in such a minimal way that it is practically undetectable. Your method just appends the text to the file, so if anyone opens the file with a hex editor, he will stumble upon the message.

    1. Filip Szczepanski if you wanna transmit a message but no one should know that you are transmitting a message except the recipient

  7. Im gonna hide the entire Bee Movie script in an image of Barry B Benson

  8. Thank you sir. I have question, if images size not enough to contain text and what will I do so solve without loss data (text)?

    1. I would say, choose a larger image or compress your text (e.g. ZIP) before embedding it into the image

    1. +TheAwesomeGoat what do you mean enable bat? Why are they disabled?

    2. flytech can you do a video that you do ?
      md %random%
      goto 1

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