Open Source Freeware E-mail to S.M.S Alert System

Год: 2013
Автор: Olatunde Iyaniwura
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present method of sending E-mail to SMS using available software does not allow for flexibility. The proprietary software is not made available to the subscriber. The subscribers are always at the mercy of developers who had tailored their software to their taste. The open freeware is available to everybody who is interested in tailoring it to suit his/her purpose. New functionalities can be added at will as to enable you improve on the present available functionalities. What you purchase is the bulk SMS. GSM modem with in-built SIM card that works with a GSM wireless network was acquired. A website was created and registration with the SMS gateway through which the E-mail to SMS will pass through was developed. The bulk SMS was purchased from this gateway developer. Database used to store the records of the staff. HTTP is made use of as middleware. As E-mail is being brought by SMTP server, it is received by POP3/ IMAP for onward transmission to the MAIL-BOX. The software…

33 Replies to “Open Source Freeware E-mail to S.M.S Alert System”

  1. EPIC!!! Finally something that is actually working!!! Once set up properly it can sent SMS automatically!!!

  2. There is no audio in the youtube video above.

    1. Hey there, there isnt supposed to be! Its just a quick walkthrough of the extension itself.

  3. You should mention that one has to sign up for a cloudHQ account and setup at least one service. I did not want any of the services other than the ability to send an SMS message (because I do not have nay other cloud accounts).

    1. Hey Lewis! We have our users set up an account to make it easier to solve any issues they have/billing/etc. Thanks for your interest!

  4. Do recipients get it as personal message or do they see the whole list of ppl it was sent to? Thanks

    1. Yes, they get to see a copy of the email, but it will not be with others details unless you dont BCC.

    2. So its as if you send a blind copy ? ie — other ppl details are not exposed ? thanks

  5. If the text msg contains text only, does the recipient have to click on the link in the SMS to read the content (as per the demo) or is the link only created when the msg contains an image?

    1. They will click on the link to read the email, whether there are attachments (like images) or not.

  6. Great for important email blasts/to send to those that arent responsive

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