Minna no Nihongo Shokyu 2 Reading Comprehension Textbook

Год: 2001
Издательство: 3A Corporation
Это учебное пособие предназначено для того, чтобы любой человек, который впервые начал изучать японский язык, мог делать это с удовольствием. Интересным оно будет и для обучающей стороны. Интенсивно развивающиеся международные отношения, обязывают японское общество принимать все больше иностранцев с самыми разными целями и жизненным опытом. Потребности студентов, изучающих японский язык, становятся все более разнообразными, а это требует не только индивидуальных, но и более новаторских подходов в преподавании. Именно эту цель и преследует учебник Японский для всех, который реализовал в себе многолетний опыт преподавания японского языка. Создание этого учебного комплекса заняло больше 3-х лет. Это действительно настоящий учебник, который можно назвать своего рода побратимом учебника Shin Nihongo no Kiso (Основы нового японского языка). Он использует все сильные стороны своего предшественника: простоту структуры и способа обучения, — и при этом отвечает условиям…

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  1. Sensei how to distinguish if its in nai form for example( tsuma ga inai toki resutoran de hitori de shokujishimasu.)
    How wll i know if its iru or inai in that example.thank u

  2. Hello ! Your videos are very helpful when studying with the book (Im using the French version). Thank you very much for what youre doing.
    Concerning this video, I would like to have some explanation about what you said at 17:05. あかい is a い-adjective (I think) so how come its あかに なりました and not あかく なりました ? Thanks for the answer !

    1. Exactly! I saw the error and started checking the comment section to see whether I was right or not. It mustve been a mistake. Because weve learned that in case of an い-adjective, the い is removed and we put く なります。

  3. 今日、テストがありますから、すごくべんきょうになりました! ありがとうございます!!

  4. So whats the difference between toki and tara conditional? I would have done many of the examples with tara.

  5. Your N5 lessons helped me alot.I am eagerly waiting for N4 Lessons from 26-50..Please Make it fast.

    1. NihonGoal Hello the way you explained is so convenient and I did not need to bring heavy books. I wonder when can we watch Minano Nihongi 26~50

    2. NihonGoal Thank so much for your kind reply..I suggested my friends to use this videos to learn Japanese. Looking forward to N4 classes

  6. Please continue making lesson 26 to 50!!!!!! Onegaishimau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Go Ahead, Dear. You are so quite intelligent. Really I am very strange for your new updated, Which is Split Playlist & Combine Playlist.♥♥♥♥

  8. At 17:06 Im a little confused. あかい is an i-adj right? So shouldnt it be あかく なりました?

    1. しんごうは あかに なります。ok
      りんごは あかくなります。
      あかい(adj) あか(noun)

  9. ありがとうございます。 for this videos
    can u make lesson 26-30 your teaching skill was very easy to learn

    1. しんごうは あかに なります。
      りんごは あかくなります。
      あかい(adj) あか(noun)

  10. hi sensei i just wanna ask… shingou ga… akani narimasu, akakunarimasu are deffirent?

  11. HELLO!!!!!!!!! I want to tell you that I very grateful with you.. because with your videos I have been able to understand some lessons that i couldnt understand, i am from mexico and when i dont get it the lesson I go to youtube and watch to NihonGoal.. your awesome and the best!!! if you have pateron it will a pleasure to help you!!! 先生!!1ありがとうう!!

    1. Hey there! sorry I know I said Ill upload a lesson today, but I still havent finished it. Please wait till tomorrow. gomenasai

    2. Hello! Ill upload it by Friday, Im still working on it. Thanks for your patience ☺️

  12. It will be more helpful if you use example from Minna no nihongo book as some examples are difficult to understand as beginners

  13. Please add also 26 to 50 lesson coz I have to study for n4 as well

  14. is it ok sensei rose if i used this pattern…… densha de onigiri o tabemasu?

  15. Dear Rose please, $ create a pay edition for next lessons. I and several of users will pay you for those! Please give us a response!

  16. I learned a lot from you… Please lesson 26-50

    Thank you so much

  17. I, ve started ñ the summer with you and ending the summer also with you 🙂 I hope you are well sensei!!

  18. Hy rose i need 26 to 50 lesson grammer for the minna no nihingo plzz

  19. mam i have done all25 and n5, now please can teach 26 to 50 please please….

  20. Hi , I have watched few lessons of your for N5, however, i am unable to find lessons for Minna no Nihongo Part 2 for N4.

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