Media Unleashed

Год: 2012
Автор: Sher Baz Khan
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mass media has revolutionized almost every aspect of life. It is remarkably inspiring and somewhat frightening how it reigns over our lives. Its boom has affected even the remotest parts of the world and as a result, its opinion formation role has been increased manifold since the boom of digital and satellite media. When the personnel of a certain industry tend to deviate the norms and values of that industry, it becomes curse rather than a blessing. This is what happening now-a-days in the media industry in Pakistan. The media workers, especially those whose programs are most viewed tend to use media for their own purposes instead of informing people with maximum objectivity. The media personnel in Pakistan’s media, specially television channels, have become part of the problems prevailing in the country instead of impartial opinion leaders.

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  1. Just love your theater, this is one of the reference designs I have followed when starting to plan my theater. Happy to see any more in depth tours on specific parts of the room now that you have used the finished room for awhile.

    1. snappythingy I def appreciate those kind words. I would be happy to answer any specific questions that you have! And also there is defintely part 2 coming with far more detail.

  2. WoW ! Beast ! Been following you from the start . Your Theater Room looks Amazing !! Great Job !

  3. Chairs look great in the room! What a journey it’s been on Avsforum watching the room Transform into what it is now. The screen size was the right choice to

    1. Eng- 399 thanks man….especially thanks for the screen size comment. I love when a vision is finally fulfilled!

  4. Long time no talk, you might remember my home theater, via link. Actually, we are moving to San Antonio and we are building a brand new home theater in a 28/20 room. I thought you had SVS subs, where did you put them, since I know if you have the PB13s, they would blow the screen. Im still leary of putting my speakers behind the screen because of up close viewing, plus I know I would still have to put my SVS PB13s next to the screen anyway.

  5. Nice job, where did u get the riser, and the lights in the risers…. what are those called ?

    1. Thank you very much! The riser was built from Home Depot lumber and the lights are called “step lights”—those are from Amazon!

  6. awesome man — was waiting for an update! quick question — is the screen 12 diagonal, and are you going to demo the masking for the different screen ratio?

    1. Aelia Yousaf Hey there—thank you! The screen is 12 feet wide. Diagonal is something like 156” …somewhere around there.

  7. Great setup man, Can you tell me more about the program you used to play your media? I would like to have something like that in mines im currently using plex and atmos demos off windows, I like how everything is together.

    1. Thank you!  The program is JRiver…check out my channel and look for a JRiver video….I have a long video tutorial on setting it up and configuring it.

  8. Love the minimalistic, purposeful design. Often American home theaters look like grampas living room, but this ones perfect.

  9. Congrats my man! I like your screen and the fact that it almost covers the wall, must be really immersive. I find your ceiling quite low though maybe you should have gone for a three seat configuration so you can have more space and a healthy suround sound for everyone.
    I am trying to finish mine, a three seater. I have my atmos amp, speakers, and sound panels ready to go.
    I letf my projector for last because I would like a 4k one, true native 4k. But only Sony has native 4k panels for years now.
    Isnt that weird and annoying?

    1. Brolic Media so true, color gamut and dynamic contrast are the first thing to care.
      Though i beleive in a three seater one definitely needs 4k due to the smaller distance from the screen.
      Someone watching from your second row probably cant tell the difference between 4K and fauxK, so you’re good to go.
      Enjoy your movies!

    2. vagomaniac btw, native 4k doesnt mean much these days….especially if youre doing a 3 seater. That gets you lots of control over seating distance…..hdr and bt2020 are far more important.

    3. vagomaniac gracias! thanks to the joys of eq and calibration, 8ft ceiling height is definitely far more useable than it once was! I every seat sounds grreeeat!!! (And Ive watched movies from every seat!)

  10. I have been watching your videos for a very long time. Amazing home theater room you have Im very jealous but, not more jealous than those losers who dare to give you thumbs down on this video. Your the man, keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks man—definitely appreciate the support! The next episode is coming soon, with an update to Qsys modes for listening!

    1. Curtis pon thanks a bunch. Its so great to sit back and enjoy movies…. and now, the wife will join me!

    1. genkifd thanks! Oh yeah…part two is definitely coming with a lot more detail.

  11. Yo whats up man! Your room came out AMAZING! Ive been following your videos and your post on avs forum since you started this project and it defiantly came out looking awesome. Congrats man!

    1. Bobby Maull much appreciated, and definitely thanks for following since the beginning! Its been quite the haul!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Great job man. Thats my dream room. Congrats on your new theater, very happy for you.

  13. Mr. Beast, any changes or updates?? Wed all love to see more of your amazing theater.

  14. Just started watching you. I am still catching up on your videos. Everything is done so professional. Your credits look so great. Let me tell you, you are a very lucky man. You must have an amazing wife. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    1. Yeah bro, my wife is definitely awesome! There’s no luck here—only blessings from the Lord above!

  15. VERY nice!! I actually bought a Projector from you a few years back, lol.

    Met in Maryland if I recall.

    What projector you using in this theater? Btw, excellent job man!!

    1. Darrin Bentley Hey bud! I remember—the Mitsubishi HC7000. Still one of the sharpest projectors I’ve ever seen. How have you been? How’s your theater? This is the JVC RS520 projector—I love it. Great PQ—both image sharpness and HDR.

  16. Amazing Theater Room that 12ft screen fits beautifully great work bro.

  17. Been waiting for the ending of this Bravo man you did a good job there. Bet its great to enjoy after a long ass day. Wish i had the space and time to do something like it.

    1. SpareChange thanks buddy! The screen size was a pretty controversial decision when considering the norms, but Im not about the norms!

  18. Excellent job my brother. I do have a question for you. What projector are you using? Thanks again.

  19. Been waiting for this!. Congrats on finishing your theater. I bet it sounds amazing enjoy!.

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