Kings and Queens of England

Год: 2011
Автор: Louise Jones
Издательство: Ladybird Books Ltd
The Ladybird Book of Kings and Queens is the ideal first reference book for primary school children. It is packed with information about Englands monarchs, in chronological order, including King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and Queen Victoria. Full of fascinating facts, this handy book will help schoolchildren with their history studies. It includes a weblink to a free downloadable chart showing a timeline of Kings and Queens of England.

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  1. Wait…Wait….Did we just get told that the man who BANISHED his mothers favorite Indian, Abdul, was against racism? Queen Victoria told Abdul to take his family and go home before she died, because she knew how he would be treated afterwards. Also why no mention of the African princess that, by some accounts, has been referred to as the 10th child?

    1. @Marry Christmas is Belgium an Empire? Or Nigeria? Or Finland?

    2. I was puzzled by this as well. Ereira says that there were 6 emperORs when George V was crowned in 1910 and that certainly wasnt true. But, lets say he meant empire. Even if you count Italy as an empire — which, frankly, I dont — surely France wasnt. And even if you say it was, which one reasonably could, it was more of an empire at the end of the war than it was at the beginning, what with its gains in the Middle East.

    3. In those days any independent kingdom was an empire as long as it ruled over more than two nations of people. Italy ruled over Piedmont, Venezia, Tuscany, Napoli, Sicilly,Sadinia etc. and by nation, it means: a people with common tongue. i.e. Italians do not think that they speak Italian, no they think they speak Peidmontese, Milanese, Tuscana, etc.

  2. why cant anyone just say..most informative..learned more than i knew enjoyable..except all the beheadings..bloody good show..two thumbs up

  3. I like the royal family . We are all human and no one is perfect !!

  4. Elizabeth 11 has been an amazing queen…i fear what will happen after her demise.

  5. I found the series very informative. I enjoyed how it was presented. Well done.

  6. George V should have given the deposed Czar Nicholas and his family asylum: then they would not have been massacred by the vicious Bolsheviks.

    1. The Tsar and his family deserved to die.
      They created the situation in Russia, they did nothing to help the Russian people.
      They HAD to die. THEY made sure of it.
      Nobody to blame but their privileged selves.

    2. Off-topic, but why does the caption from Edward VIII’s portrait come so fast?

    3. @StormWolf Yea surely the Tsars committed no crimes against children, you fucking imbecile.

    4. @btf Yeah, sure, people who stare children in the face and then shoot them are such good people.

  7. The UK Royal Family represent everything that is wrong with this country.

  8. So the queen is worth *only* £250m?? Thats just the amount she admits to..

  9. Monarchy, is the Best for UK, with Her Majesty The Queen as Head of State, stability and dignity are a model for all the world : Long may She Reign

    1. @loonylinda I dunno. William looks very promising already. Modest, down-to-earth, conscientious, compassionate and with a sense of humor. I think hell do wonderfully.

    2. yeah then when shes gone…a bunch of idiots will ruin everything she has maintained..she will take some beating as a monarch i reckon

  10. I fully expect Charles will be passed over and the Crown will go to William

    1. quite so, Queen Victoria had a half brother and sister from her Mothers previous marriage and apart from geographically they were close.

    2. well, i think that will be interesting when it happens. i think his grandmother is responsible for his mothers death because the monarchy feared diana would have given william half-siblings. maybe he will look into that and rid the co-conspirators anyway.

    3. Only if Charles dies, before Queen Elizabeth, will William be the next monarch.

  11. Well Edward the 8 and Wallis were nazi sympathizers and even visited Hitler in Germany. Odd that you would leave that out smh.

    1. you do understand that the queen paying taxes to the royal government, that is to the queens own government, is like putting money from her pocket into her own purse???

    2. cutting it rather short are we? almost nothing is said of edward vvll, george v, george vl… just go through them quickly

    3. no, but eddie was a nazi. and….his abdication saved the free world hahahaha wallis was shagging von brickendrop? thats a novelty.

    4. didnt bertie indulge in killling london prostitutes at night under the nickname of jack the ripper?

  12. Fabulously entertaining and informing. What a wonder presenter too with his catchphrases and humour. H

  13. She doesnt want Charles to become King. Thats her incentive for staying alive.
    4.03 Melbourne looks like Rowan Atkinson. They should have done a Victorian series of Blackadder. Jim Broadbent was funny as Prince Albert in the Christmas Carol spoof

  14. Churchill was too much of a drunkard to be that effective in the long run

  15. That was so inspirational and interesting to learn about the whole monarchy of England I’m so impressed I feel so much smarter now I know about that ,we’ll done ✅

  16. Moderns kings and queens of England I find interesting that many people say this title is incorrect, (which of course it is) but I hear over and over by British commentators and historians use this title when speaking of the todays Royal Family, I also hear people from other countries say this as well, . Of course they know the correct title but for whatever reason they still at times say England Maybe people relate more to that title. What are your thoughts?

    1. I think it is that way because certain kings didnt rule other parts of Britain (like Scotland). They would have had to make a different title for each episode to escape this error. But in a sense, there is no error: they all were kings and queens of England (and other parts of Britain in most cases). I would imagine Scottish people would be just as upset if English Kings and Queens of middle ages were mentioned in a show all about British monarchs.

    2. It really pisses me off. Its bad enough that the lay public make this error but when a historian cant get it right it infuriates me. It is an example of institutional English arrogance that casually dismisses the rest of the UK in such an off-hand manner.

      To clarify England is NOT a sovereign state. It ceased to be so in 1707. The title of the monarch in that year became Queen (Anne) of Great Britain. In 1801 the title was revised to King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and further revised in 1922 to King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

      No wonder there is increasing support for Scottish independence.

  17. Its crazy how you can still see Mary of tecks strong genes in the queen Charles and Anne

  18. interestingly William might have saved the monarchy with hs marriage of Kate.

  19. Elizabeth II is one of, if not THE, richest person on earth. It wouldnt surprise me to know she is worth trillions. She holds vast Uranium holdings, and is FAR more powerful than is publicly known.

  20. They miss a whole block prior to this show. What happen to King George 1 2 and 3

  21. Strange that a man who was for racial and religious equality would be against female voting…

  22. I really think that England would be a horribly boring republic. Lets keep the monarchy.

  23. after watching this series it becomes clear the same hidden hand has always been interfering with European affairs ( ie the JEWS ) Brexit is the latest example , the average Briton sympathies with the Germans and fought a war to inevitably lose their empire ending in bankruptcy handing world power to the USA and the USSR ( both controlled by Jews ) look at Europe now
    Imposed mass immigration, extremist feminism , gays and trans genders to name a few all designed to divide and cause chaos , if Hitler had won the war would the west be in this position ??? Absolutely no chance , fortunately Europeans are starting to wake up and the MSM banks ( also jewish controlled ) is losing all credibility

  24. music and monarchy fairy tale-and-gossips : the best pop British international selling ever! 😀

  25. It is easier for a blue whale to swim through the eye of a needle than for a British royal to enter the kingdom of God.

  26. let william and kate to be king and queen………..camila and charles are disgusting!!!

  27. on George V, I had to look it up because he called his older brother, Clarence. I know his older brother who died was named Albert Victor and was called prince Eddy. so I looked it up and it says prince Albert Victor was the duke of Clarence.

  28. Must be nice to be able to change your name with mega bucks behind you, and no one asking any questions. They are all baby eaters, pedophiles, killers, liars, and so much more.

  29. 23:21
    Italy didnt include Switzerland, and it wasnt an Empire, neither was France at that time.
    There were still kings in Spain, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania.

  30. The presenter has a catchphrase which is Hooow did that happen? hehe

  31. I rather see Princess Dianas kids sitting on the throne than that Charles dude. No offense. I just find Princess Dianas children especially Prince Williams more inspiring to the world than Charles ever could. I just see Williams and I see so much of his mother, plus he is well known to do charity work throughout the world. I had seen one documentary where he was volunteering overseas, scrapping toilets and doing manual labor. He would be a great peoples monarch. Of course, Im just a US citizen who have no say in these matters. I just wanted to share my thoughts is all.

  32. Edward VII: The color of a Mans skin doesnt matter!
    Me: Okay! Cool!
    Edward VII: Women shouldnt be allowed to vote!
    Me: One step forward, one step back!

  33. I enjoyed this slightly irrelevant, yet still serious and comprehensive history of the Ks & Qs of England. 
    Prince Phillip may not have come into the family with a last name, but he, too, is Queen Victorias great-grandson. His mother Princess Alice, herself a fascinating woman, was born in Buchingham Palace, and was the daughter of Princess Victoria of Hesse, and grand-daughter of Princess Alice (Grand Duchessof Hesse after marriage) 3rd daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of S-C-G: Phillip > Alice > Victoria > Alice > Queen Victoria; 
    On his Fathers side: Phillip > Andrew of Greece > George I of Greece > Christian IX of Denmark

    1. Exactly. His occasional irreverent attitude well compliments his historical accuracy within a most entertaining presentation. I fail to understand the gap created by skipping ahead to Victoria. The 18th century monarchs were totally ignored as well as the colonization of the Americas and subsequent rebellions within the British Empire. Also the pre-Victorian monarchs of the 19th century were ignored. I dearly would have loved to hear Mr. Ereiras commentary regarding that period of the monarchy and am disappointed that that period of history was omitted. Even later, only a passing reference was accorded the loss of Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan under the reign of George VI during post WWII Britains near bankruptcy.

    2. Hes great. You dont even have to agree with some or much of his take on historical events to appreciate the way he presents it. If he wasnt a historian/documentarian, he would be an even more successful stand-up comedian. Hed probably also be a good philosopher and would certainly be an interesting dinner guest. You cant teach wit.

  34. Right, Bagehots efficient and dignified part. Raise your hand if you remember this from The Crown!

  35. Ive always been fascinated by the story of the British Monarchy, so many evoloutions and revoloutions yet still to be an enigmatic force financially and politically one finds themselves ignoring that and instead focusing on the Majesty of Elizabeths reign. How unfortunate for her that the crimes of her predecessors against the Irish and Catholics sully such an historical saga. Oh well least she tried her hand speaking Irish when she popped over for a Guinness with the Greek lad.

  36. Evil bastards the lot of them, time we removed them all , they have betrayed the British people. Hopefully when she dies it will crumble, i dont want jimmy Savilles best mate on the throne ….disgusting filth

  37. Albert=stopped the u.k joining the American civil war on the side of the South. #Acting royal king

  38. Irrespective. I see no real authority of the Royal family and their existence is an exercise of futility and pathological traditionalism based upon a preconception of divine rule. In reality, I see no purpose for them to exist.

    Force them out, lop of their heads, or basically force them to be no different than commoners. Either of the three are fine. Their continued existence as is, is an anathema.

  39. It would appear from the entire presentation that what happened in the 1990s was nothing new; but the narrators tone changes considerably. Agreed, the royal tool needs to be sheathed in order to preserve the monarchy.

  40. classic George and William move… can I have my children back, please?

  41. Actor doesnt look remotely like the real Prince Albert. Here we go again.

  42. Now thankfully (for the royals anyway), Prince William and his wife are both very popular, Prince Harry is quite popular as well — even to the point of where when something happens that would have been a true scandal (like Harry being stalked and photographed nude), the public bashed the stalking photographers/paparazzi, rather than Harry himself. People felt bad for Harry, not scandalized.

  43. more of your communist Marxists progressive leftists propaganda…lol lol and you got it wrong it was prince freddy …omg such b.s. Edward was a nazi…lol look it up he was hilters friend and guest everyone knows this why dont you tell the TRUTH islam got you by the bank account

  44. Great series, I learned so much more about the British Royalty than I learned in all my years of school, and I was born and raised in England, shocking really.

    1. school history lessons were just a recital from a teacher who did it every year to a fresh group of note-taking children.  we went through it all fairly quickly and undetailed as this series has but his asides, cynicism and quips make the information stay put in my mind — and it is enjoyable.

  45. Watching this video made me lose confidence in this guys explanation of events. Which sucks, because I just watched like 6 hours of it.

    1. agreed, theres so much missing from this one, that I am having to make myself finish this part.

  46. Strange how Edward VII was strongly against racism and prejudice against religion but was sexist and didnt want women to have the vote :-S

  47. Im staggered the British have not had a revolution — clearly the royals are just rich-entitled-inbred-basards who have the power with NO actually right.

  48. The video seems to eqnore the millions that the monarchy brings to the British economy from tourist. especially from yanks like me who choose to visit Britain over the rest of Europe because you have an actual reigning monarch. Overall the British Royal family is a net gain to the British economy.

  49. The last monarch of England was Queen Anne. The title did out after that and became of Great Britain and finally of the United Kingdom. Stop saying King or Queen of England when that title dos not exist. It is offensive to the rest of the UK.

  50. if there is a revolution against the crown ill be defending the royal family to the last

    long live the queen

  51. Was (is) the narrator of this series known to have anti-monarchist leanings? Ive gotten the distinct impression that he has no love of the English Monarchy.

    1. Well shea rotting corpse having died in March 2002. Ill be very glad when Prince Phillip dies. The old reactionary should keeled over about 4 or 5 years ago.

  52. Watched and enjoyed all six episodes. What a wonderful narrator! Thank you.

  53. At this pt it seems wise for them to have the firstborn daughters be the next heirs and their sons only if they must. Of course those yelling about equal rights would be scandalized but considering women have dealt with 1000s of yrs of being forgotten, and it seems like it works far better then male heirs atm, they might as well.

  54. lol , Edward VII ganged up on Germany with France . the hell was that idiot thinking , maybe he really hated his parents because they were German and his house was a German house not English , while the German Kaiser was Victoria favorite grandchild.

  55. The Peoples Budget was a disaster. They should have elevated the industrialists as the Lords Equity, equal in right, but junior in dignity, to the Lords Baron (the landed estates). That way, the Commons would continue to be the domain of the people, instead of being the wrestling ground between the elites of big business and big government. Pity.

  56. Watching this series in May 2018 it is very educational to see how few heads of state were actually trained or capable of the responsibility. Now Prince Charles is a figure in the background and my age, (70s) and his sons will continue the monarchy Im sure in some form or other. Even in the US our news is full of Prince William and his family so they will be ready when Elizabeth is gone. I remember watching her coronation and marriage on a tiny tv screen and in news reels so long ago. It will be an end of an era when the time comes.

  57. Edward VIII is my favorite of the kings-because he didnt let the govt break up his relationship with Wallis(The whole Nazi link Im sure was bogus)

    1. Both were proven collaborators. Sorry to burst the bubble of romance, there.

  58. The actor doesnt remotely resemble Prince Albert. They didnt even try. Pity.

  59. The creators including the host are definitely biased for labor and collectivism.

  60. It always amazes me how people claim Elizabeth II has had to endure such hardship and crisis, even to claim her life has been a burden . The spoon fed moocher has lived in the lap of luxury and privilege since birth. shes has a life very few could even begin to imagine. Shes a glorified dole bludger.

    1. Consider the fact that Elizabeth II had to endure criticism from you for 65 years. And keep a stoic face through that.
      Her job basically is to be the mascot of the nation, and I say, for 65 years without a public gaffe… Well done. Sure, she lives the life of luxury; so do other aristocrats and rich people, except they dont have to be the face of a nation.

  61. Felt bad for the Tsars family but Nick was totally incompetent and believed 100% he didnt have to do a damn thing because he was ordained by god as ruler. They said he was completely apathetic to his soldiers at the front line when he should of been giving moral support. As if it was an inconvenience for him to give a pep talk to the guys being sent off to die in the frozen waste lands and muddy ditches of the Eastern Front.

  62. What does he have against Victoria? The queen victoria building in Sydney is one of the most beautiful in the city.

  63. LMAO This guy is a great narrator….he really makes history entertaining.

  64. It will be interesting to see if Britain keeps their monarchy, as there is absolutely NO reason to do so other then history, and even less reason to not make them pay their own way.

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