Из жизни двух городов. Париж и Лондон

Год: 2016
Автор: Джонатан Конлин
Издательство: Издательство Ольги Морозовой
Эта книга — рассказ о двух городах, Лондоне и Париже, о культурах двух стран на примерах из жизни их столиц. Интригующее повествование Конлина погружает нас в историю городов, отраженных друг в друге словно в причудливом зеркале. Автор анализирует шесть составляющих городской жизни начала XIX века: улицу, квартиру, ресторан, кладбище, мир развлечений и мир преступности. Париж и Лондон всегда были любовниками-соперниками, но максимальный накал страстей пришелся на период 1750-1914 гг., когда каждый из них претендовал на звание столицы мира. Среди многих исследователей именно Конлин впервые анализирует сложные, почти межличностные отношения между ними и с блеском доказывает, что жители Парижа и Лондона создали совершенно особое измерение городского пространства, без которого немыслимо появление современного мегаполиса.

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  1. if the anti-vaccination crowd have their way, the bubonic plague could very well become a major problem, again.

  2. One of the Rothschilds ancestors are gravediggers during that time

  3. As his gave birth to the blue blood. As the alchemist knew how to kill the plague . Your basic alchemist can kill viruses , bacteria , super bugs of today. It not turning lead to gold the loss arts are what can save you as the doctor tell you there nothing we can do.

    1. @joseph keeney whatever moron…you moms legs open wide for me…LOL

  4. Back then people didn’t have vaccinations, nowadays we do have vaccinations and along with that we have Karens that think vaccinations cause autism

  5. i wonder if they knew it was the fleas on the rats if they still could of stopped it

  6. So sad. They absolutely knew nothing about medication, or germs, sanitation. Nothing. Sick just watching. To think a flea caused it. Crazy.

  7. …Coq, That sucks out… 55:01 — 55:04

    I think I have a dirty mind.

  8. So overall was The Black Death and The Great Plague the same thing?

    1. @Gwendolyn Whethers — idiotic racist comment. The popular name of the diseases come from the symptoms they cause, not skin color you seem to be obsessed with. The bubonic plague was called black death because it causes bleeding under the skin and caused skin to turn black. It can also cause gangrene causing fingers, toes, and sometimes hands and feet to turn black. If you had bothered to follow the link I posted, youd see.

    2. Yes. The plague was called black death, and you kind of can see one possible reason why here:

  9. Shouldnt of killed the cats n dogs Glad I didnt live there back then. Those poor people.

  10. nice time for the little boy being locked up with a dying widow in the dark for the last weeks of his life.
    Royal college of physicians…dope up the rich with opium and give a little hope from the unicorn horn. The poor….just give them arsenic bandages that should speed things up.

    1. Go cry in your GMO free gender fluid safe space you worthless broad.

  11. It was filthy back then. You’d think if they just cleaned up a bit, the rats wouldn’t be so drawn to the area

  12. Mercury enemas and arsenic amulets … good grief!
    Welp, hes dead … but at least hes not sick any more…

  13. Everyone is saying they need a shower after watching this, I feel SO clean after seeing these people…

  14. And conservatives are now spreading plagues around the US by denying healthcare and arming the mentally ill. Subsequently, bodies in Texas are piling up.

  15. Imagine how boring and sad this was. We will never understand the suffering these people went through.


  17. 28:12 = Female mistress of ceremonies intro into & further commenting Rick Titballs are BOTH WRONG about the circle of children nursey rhyme. Ring o Roses is a former German parlour game for children & only during the 20th century did an urban-legend & BS myth of information place the Ring o Roses song about the Black Plague. Consult wikipedia & elsewhere to verify. Mr. Titballs might be a Senior Microbiologist, but NOT a scientist. Why? Part of the scientific process is the procedural step-by-step of analyzing proposed facts & isolating principles through direct control methods that can be repeated. His erroneous information was smugly blathered — him settling on popular (false) belief, instead of digging for the truth. Thus, you suck, Rick. You, too, Brit chick.

  18. Why is almost all of historical events called the great its not great its sad

  19. The poor suffered most of all, so nothing really has changed since 1665 through to 2019

  20. Mercury enemas and mention of Fleet Street…I wonder if thats where the brand Fleet Enemas got its name. If not, its a weird coincidence.

  21. I read about the description of the disease on wikipedia — there is not a single viral disease I can think of more horrible than this.

  22. How did they even manage to make this documentary so morbid and gruesome? I’m disgusted but can’t stop watching.

  23. 17:03 when your mom is reading the report card and loudly sighs.

  24. Dont you want to take one of those armpit buboes and tongue it? Clasp it gently betwixt your teeth and grind in a slow, saw-like motion to soften up the engorged, black tissue? Then, with an orgasmic muscle contraction of the jaw, bite into it until you feel the flesh ride up your gums? Have the pus explode into your mouth like a giant mound of a bursting pimple fill your entire oral cavity with a creamy, white-yellow juice, not unlike the interior of a Cadburry Easter Egg, but with a soda-like carbonated fizz that burns the tongue. Remnants of the fleshy, deflated boil sticking between your teeth like the leftover bits of a delicious steak that require a toothpick to remove.

    You wash it down with a mug full of the wet street mud and offal. It smells like it would be a liquid, but when you go to imbibe it, there is a surprising solidity to it. In fact, it chokes you upon taking it into your throat because you were expecting several gulps to push it down, but it is one singular piece of thickness that cannot be parcelled up into smaller swallows. Your need for air and your diaphragm cause it to go down quickly, but the unexpected dryness has left a sensation of remnants stuck in your esophagus.

    Luckily, there are more pulsating, quivering buboes to help you out of your predicament…

  25. And now, in modern days, London is experiencing an even more sinister infestation.

    1. @Most Hated You dont deserve to be alive you are lower than dirt, you should have never been born.

  26. ok, lets say the animals that were killed would have been left alive, killing the rat population. wouldnt then the fleas, who were the real carriers just jump off the dead rats once the rat carccas turned cold, and just inhabit the the warm bodies of the living animals who killd the rats? i dont see how killing the rats would at all help, unless you burnd them immediately upon killing them, wich would have created an unbearable stench for miles around. am i wrong in thinking this?

  27. 36:35 Why is the camera spinning around this woman like Im on some kind of Disneyland ride?

  28. I wanna know why Joespeh Penny was injured the entire time. Blood on his face, hands, all the time.
    Like you okay, mate? I mean, I know you died but like, before that.

  29. Whats sad is the people they called savages knew how to live for centuries without filth plagues like these breaking out by rules and laws that were adhered to in community living situations.. Gives a little insight to who was really living savage.

  30. mercury enemas? using the rot from a dead mans skull to cure venereal diseases?k nuke them all!

  31. People living in California need to see this film as it displays their future.

  32. Wow I didn’t know that London had antivaxers 300 years ago lmao.

  33. Sad. I would rather die than living in that filthy era.
    On the other note, the production quality is amazing.

  34. I believe that a new outbreak, or the comeback of an existing plague will either end the world or affect humanity in the close or far future. It happened before, I dont see a reason why it wont happen again.

    1. Even the Black Death didn’t end the world. Sure am major pandemic might happen in the not too distant future but disease rarely wipes out civilizations (except the Americas because they literally had a far more susceptible immune system due to a lack of animal domestication)

  35. Thank god i was born in late 20 century not the 1666 and great london fire

  36. As always cameraman survives the great thanos snap and now this plague cant he give them some anti vaxxing

  37. Thought the next frame freeze would be the dog.. What would be his story?

    Nice docu BTW, your fan from Philippines..

  38. Plague Dr:poke with stick* I can telllll ur gonna die

    Person:why am I still here

  39. oh the cries of the desolate souls ….the fill the damn drear of night…them their names we know and we cast upon the weak…such superstitions can never be. such life must be checked by the waves of destiny and

  40. Maybe its time to clean up all that shjt off the streets of 3rd world, California. SMH.

  41. If it was down to religion and religious people we would still live under such conditions. And they dont even know they are guilty.

  42. And to think that the following the whole of London would be incinerated by the great fire of 1666 as if to totally wipe out the whole city once and for all.

  43. A plague documentary like only the British could do!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

  44. Horrible time to be alive in London. Not surprised the preachers left town! Typical.

  45. It seems wrong to say this was good but to focus on a small population in such a vast city crammed with people would have been difficult if not impossible. Being able to relate to families and individuals actually brought home the horror of the situation. Also looking back from our perspective the futility of some of the measures. The fire of London, a year later meant that a lot of alleys, like those described so well, were destroyed, as were much of the overhanging timber framed houses. Leading to slightly more open living. The fire also killed the rats, not all as the rats were part of life at that time — hence the number of dogs to kill the rats.

  46. That was a great documentary, very interesting and educational. Most of my time spent on the internet is useless but that was a well-spent hour and 17 minutes.

  47. You know how some things sound like they started as a joke but ended up finding momentum and went too far? Yep, mercury enemas.

  48. These brave, terrified people had to make up their coping skills as they went along. Take away our knowledge of science, and we would not do nearly as well today as they did then.

  49. the narator isnt the same lady from the plague game and lsave game is she

  50. I think theyve overdone it a bit with the filth in this docu. Yeah I get it, it wasnt very hygienic back then, but a little less graphic depiction would have sufficed IMO. Seemed more like cheap showmanship at times, than trying to explain the conditions in a documentary way. But still a good docu overall.

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