Хитрости любви

Год: 2014
Автор: Фиона Харпер
Издательство: Центрполиграф
Демиан не понимал, как это произошло. Неужели он стоял и смотрел. как женщина его мечты выходит замуж за другого? А потом эти бесконечные пикировки с ненавистной подружкой невесты, Зоуи Сент-Джеймс, и случайный поцелуй, который он использовал как последнее средство заткнуть ей рот… Ладно, поцелуй еще можно объяснить стрессом. Но как он мог на две недели добровольно за­переть себя с ней в открытом море на крошечной яхте?

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  1. This is the only line i use
    “Hey! Want to hook up “

    Like it works some how

  2. Hey everyone i have this HUGE crush on a girl named Abby and i would like some advice so can you reply with some things i should say to her plz. It would mean the world to me!

  3. Why is life so complicated . Can we just text without thinking about anything just having fun without planning . Just living without thinking about every single thing . There is much more to think than if she likes me . What i have to do if i want to like …. this is just so complicated

  4. Hey you stop scrolling, I just wanna tell you that some wamen and gorls can be needy for strong lookin guys to protect them. If you wanna be good lookin make a name for your self and also get that six pack packing in

  5. You’ve heard of mansplaining, now get ready for mantelligence

    1. @rdsj Same Im low-key trying to flirt with my best friend but shes bi so I thought maybe she would like me toooo?

  6. She said shes done dating guys after her ex so i hit below bedrock getting here

  7. What a blue pill simp info provided. If you want to be put on the friend zone then do what this video says. Texting is only to set up a date/appointment.

  8. girls send one word responses and expect you to chase! boring! ditch her!

  9. I did everything
    And she didnt respond i texted her
    2 days ago. I dont know what to do

  10. The person sends me pictures saying talk and I don’t get what it means

  11. Remember the Dothraki later on! They could attack their rear or flank

  12. I am definitely an actual legit OG human being of a few words 🙂 zzzzz

  13. bruh these instructions ain’t clear, I made a chicken casarole tf?

  14. They people we r talking about my crush …. I will use this n try n reply

  15. My problem is that this girl liked me and confessed to me like a week ago and then today she text me to ask for ANOTHER GUYS NUMBER LMAO

  16. Getting girls basically just comes down to being confident.
    @Matt: Bro.. just go to GoogIe and look up Unbreakable Confidence (pick the top result)
    Those guides are epic for learning how to attract women.
    Youll probably find it super easy to get a girlfriend after reading those.

  17. this is a girl speaking:



  18. Wow…. Okay….
    Girls say — Make convo

    Tip5 — Dont text paragraphs
    Tip6 — Dont text 1 word responses

    Okay…. makes sense….

  19. My friend said to a girl i need to call my mom then he put in hes number in her phone and said haha i put my number in your phone she said delete it from your contacts please. That was a tips how to get your crush number but maybe she will be angry who knows?

  20. People shouldnt be watching this. I just came here to tell you guys that. If you are a fisherman and you want to catch a fish , dont ask another fisherman, ask the fish. Dont expect this to help you. If you like some one go for it and if they say no its their loss.

  21. My crush asked me if I would do anything for her then I said yes to show proof I told my friend to hit me in the knee cap with a hockey stick and I recorded the whole thing

    1. Dang man. Think of something better to prove it next time.

  22. I dont text people often. And when I do its usually a few words and I end the conversation. Not a texter

  23. I swear living without a girl is easier than doing all these steps..

  24. Right, so I asked this girl out twice and we did hang out. But now she no longer wants to like hang out cuz she knows I gotta crush on her, but she still messages me while shes out with friends. Im confused af. Some advice, I really like her.

  25. I ignored your steps and sent her the lyrics to what is love and she blocked me. Im currently facing a restraining order and a court case for sexual harassment.

  26. Me:Did u get make it home ok
    Her: yeaaaaaah why?
    Me: *gets notification and sees the message* uhhhhhhh *takes hours to respond*

    I need help

  27. omg no i watched this to see if it was true and it’s so wrong
    2. girls love when guys send two messages
    3. emojis are so funny haha
    4.paragraphs are the sweetest thing
    5.no one gives a fuck if u do that shut up
    i’m not bothered to watch the rest of that video but like i’m starting to doubt those guy advice videos cause this is so shit

  28. Make a video on how to correct way of texting after doing it all wrong..

    Cuz i just see this video today

  29. So we must be patient if she doesn’t reply, but we must talk to her before 24 hours. Wtf?

  30. So number 2 helped me get a little happier lol and for 4 tbh we both send paragraphs, that’s good right?

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