Halflives A Mystory

Год: 2010
Автор: Lisa Gye
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Halflives: A Mystory details the creation of the Halflives Web Project which was developed to investigate the ways in which writing electronically can be used to help us think and learn in new ways. The impacts of electronic writing technologies have yet to be fully investigated, particularly as they relate to teaching and learning in an electrate world. Halflives set out to examine these impacts in practice. This book is a record of that exploration.

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  1. alright, lets get this down straight.
    Gman was a government man that was looking for potentially limitless employees with who he could work with. he had his eye on Gordon since he was very skilled and lucky by his peers, and decided to stalk him.
    But stalking is an indifferent and very inappropriate way of keeping an eye on him and thats what makes
    the G-man so unsettling. Especially that one encounter in Ravenholm.

  2. He is the only mysterious NPC or Player(if he is one or going to be one) in all of gaming history

  3. The theory Ive heard is that hes Gordon from the future.

    Gordon Freeman

    Through various photoshops Ive seen there could be a resemblance between the two, I could imagine Gordon looking like that after a while. As for his slow and bumbled speech its also theorised that Gordans mutism improved by the time he becomes Gman, I find it an interesting theory, but it likely has holes.

    EDIT: also note his one of Gmans eyes is seemingly lazy, perhaps because hes not wearing his glasses it worsened? 😉

  4. G man is a nihilanth, in latin nihil means nothing and anth in greek in human or man put those two words together and you get not man. Not man is what the nihilanth in hlf1 is trying to tell you, he says to you he is not man you can only hear this if you listen very closely. Nihilanth is known to be the supreme leader meaning nihilanth are the alien goverment. Remember what you said in the video, the g in g man means goverment. G man always straightens his tie, which is the exact place the nihilanth has his third arm, g man can teleport you, stop time and teleport himself… The nihilanth does the same, however so does the vortigaunts. The g man looks alot human maybe the nihilanths have the power of changing their appearance even though the game never shown them change their shape. Maybe the vortigaunts can too? The g man gets angry when the vortigaunts bring alex back to life and says There was a time they cared nothing for Miss Vance… When their only experience of humanity was a crowbar coming at them down a steel corridor. would he really say that about the vortigaunts if he was one… I think not, vortigaunts also stop g man with a force feild, why did he not interfere you may ask? Remember what i said they have almost the same powers. Why would he need to waste his time killing the vortigaunts if he could kill someone else close? Well there you have it G man is nihilanth also obviously there is more than one nihilanth if not g man wouldnt be one and would be a vortigaunt so amyways yeah there you have it.

  5. I honestly think there is no story behind gman theres no hidden secrets he was probably put in the game to be something to theorize about that was pointless which is something i would do just to watch the theories grow but i could be wrong

  6. I think that on the episodes, gman is no longer an ally to the enemy. He seems to have become more on the resistance side and on his last speech, he said that he would want to do more for Freeman but there are just some limits

  7. In Half-Life Redemption intro it says that the G-man is the ambassador on Earth of the alien investigation unit looking into the conflict between Xen and Zan. Is this canon?

  8. I believe G-man is a pgantom, a ghost or some seeing that only the chosen few can see. Noone else can. Why i think that? Noone ever talks about G-man other than the main few characters. His eyes also seem like they… Glow…

  9. its a shame nobody watches the x-files , i mean… the sigarette guy was obvious an inspiration for the G man , the gman even looks and walks like him LOL

  10. The bible was divided into 2 parts: Genesis and Half Life 3.

  11. What was the point of this video? These arent new facts external to the games. Its literally all info that everyone whos played them knows. Just clickbait.

  12. Number 0
    He can’t pronounce Black Mesa correctly in Hunt Down the Refund

  13. was hoping for a decent vid but your basically reciting the wikia (in some parts you got that lazy you just used slightly altered wording so it wasnt exactly the same)… shame.

  14. Gordon starts with G. Gordon is a man. The G man is also a man. Man has 3 letters. Half life 3 and Gordon = the G man confirmed

  15. I have three theories about the Gman. I believe that he is supposed to have a connection to Gordon Freeman. And his name is a code to me who he is. G for (Gordon) and man for (freeman).

    1. He is Gordon Freeman from another dimension. I think this theory is that he could potentially be a alternative version of Gordon Freeman from another reality. He makes it clear he can travel space such as worlds and control time. With his motives unclear.

    2. He is future Gordon Freeman. This character looks about 20 years older than our protagonist Gordon Freeman and he is sent 20 years into the future in Half life 2. So with time travel possible. It is likely this Gman could be from the time where Gordon is sent to and a loop eventually happens where he sends Gordon through space and time to battle xen with motives still unclear. I know Gordon is the silent type. But that doesnt mean he is a mute and things can change.

    My final theory. Is a bit of a stretch.

    3. He is Gordon Freemans father.

    We dont entirely know Gordons origins. Just that he is a an ordinary scientist in physics. But do we know if his father was in the picture? Perhaps missing. And maybe again, the name is a clue. For example. (Gary Freeman) this could be a similar thing to go for like how the smoking man was Mulders father.

    These theories could of been, and still could be, story plot for Half life 3 if it ever does release. I am counting on theory 1 or 2 to be the answer to who the Gman is.

  16. Its kinda creepy that in half life 1 that Gordan is like 21, while alex is an infant. Now Eli, in half life 2, is saying things like, Does Gordan freeman age in the sleep thingy the gman put him in? Or is this fine because he hasnt aged a day since black mesa.

  17. Get your grubby little lowest common denominator hands off of Valve. You were the worst part of the Halo community, and are now the worst part of the Valve community

  18. Dude do i wish half life was released like call of duty every year

  19. 5 facts about Gman??

    I’m pretty sure he don’t even know *one* fact about him lol

  20. Okay that purple vortigaunt scene is kind of intriguing . Guess that maybe hes turned into an enemy and well have to fight him off with a better challenge since the resistance will be on G-mans side. Well only have purple vortigaunts left to fight with.

  21. G-man was never a protagonist. You gotta think, what would all intelligent species have in common? Learning. They were simply intrigued with Alyx Vance as they were with Gordon. After Half Life 1, the entire rest of the series is a test for Gordon Freeman and you are forced to play as the protagonist.

  22. Gman literally follows you around the whole game in half life 2 in the most un noticeable places. Seen him in 30 places through out the whole game. so fucking creepy

  23. Dude love ur channels wow!!!! Halo Half life?? Bro we’d be great friends two of my fav games ever lol

  24. 0:43 actually looks like a perfect wallpaper! Where can I find this image?

  25. half life 3s release date depends on valves finacial situation

  26. Just some constructive feedback from a regular viewer: It takes 1:15 into the video to actually get to fact #5, kinda a long intro. Maybe add some annotations Skip Intro >> for people who already know the backstory, it could save us time 😀

    Keep rocking!

  27. G-Man is the key to HL3, hes there to give hint about a secret, when you find the secret youll find HL3

  28. gman: garys mod

    garrys: man

    >garys mod

    >>>>creator of garys mod.


  29. Maybe… HL3 was never ever planned, and the Ex-valve writer, Mark Ladlaw, made the story directly after he was fired just to rile the community. Maybe the Half-Life series is meant to be a HUGE cliffhanger

  30. In hl1, the player thought he was the administrator. It wasnt until hl2 when it is revealed that green was the real administrator. Everyone called him gman

  31. Valve Follower lmao….Chris you should go and pay your employees, the ones you ripped off……..stop
    Ruining franchises with your shit follower channels

  32. the g man decide when is gorden free man is going to wake up or come to the game so we just need to wait till he decides

  33. All in this video is just telling you what the fuck is the story is. FUCKING PATHETIC.

  34. The real mystery in Half life is not G-man but who are his employers. That is what we all want to know. Who is pulling the strings on everything.

  35. Rise and shine Mister Newell. Rise and shine. Not that I wish to imply that you have been sleeping on the job, I have a task for you this time, Make way for Gordon Freeman to find the Borealis. And then….CONFIRM IT!

  36. Gman is not human nor works for US government. He mentions his employers in the ending of HL1 and HL2. I believe, Gmans employers are a race enslaved or in threat of being enslaved by combine. Xen and Nihilanth also played some part in hiring freeman

    1. If You Fell For It, Reply with I Fell For It xD If You Knew It Was Fake Then Reply With Ha Ha, Cant Get Me!!

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