First Hundred Words in Japanese

Год: 2008
Автор: Heather Amery
Издательство: Usborne Publishing Ltd.
This book is for everyone who is learning their first words in Japanese. By looking at the little pictures, it will be easy to read and remember the Japanese words underneath. The Japanese words in this book are written in symbols called капа. You can find out more about these on page 33. Underneath each Japanese word is a pronunciation guide to tell you how to say it. Saying Japanese words The best way to learn to speak Japanese is to listen to a Japanese person. You can hear a Japanese person reading all the words in this book on the Usborne Quicklinks Website. You can also find a guide to saying the words at the back of the book, on pages 34-35. To listen to all the words in this book read by a Japanese person, go to the Usborne Quicklinks Website at and type in the keywords 100 Japanese.