Eyewitness Travel Family Guide London

Год: 2014
Издательство: Дорлинг Киндерсли
EYEWITNESS TRAVEL FAMILY GUIDE: LONDON, from the groundbreaking family travel series, is written by parents and guarantees the entire family will enjoy their trip. With child-friendly sleeping and eating options, detailed maps of main sightseeing areas, travel info, budget guidance, age range suitability and activities for each sight, Family Guide London is the ultimate guide to stress-free family travel. In EYEWITNESS TRAVEL FAMILY GUIDE: LONDON: Hubs, built around major sights map the perfect day out, with suggestions for what to see, when to go and how to get there; dedicated Kids Corners feature cartoons, quizzes, puzzles, games and riddles to inform, bamboozle and entertain young travellers; Let off steam suggestions and eating options around all hubs enable the entire family to recharge their batteries; Maps outlining the nearest parks, playgrounds and public toilets; Language section lists essential words and phrases; Take shelter suggests indoor activities for rainy…

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  1. Dont a fool. The use of travel cards is a way oof the system to get money out of circulation which is what theyre aiming at. They will tell you that its cheaper (in fact it is) easier and more convenient for you, but theyre ultimate plan is that money is out of circulation and they will have more power on your accounts and control on what you spend or buy. If they dont like what you buy or where, theyll only have to block your account.

    1. @Zicoh Hocih There is. One is NOT UING CARDS FPR EVERYDAY LIVING (shoping for food, paying breakfast in the coffee shop or drinks in the bar) A good thing would be to take our money out of the bank each month, leaving few notes, of course, because well need the account for the following payment. Nithing scres the banks more when many, many people take all their money out to keep at home in a metal box with a lock just like our granfmothers used to do. This action really scare the banks. In Germany ehich isnt an underdeveloped country 80% of the population dont use cards for petty expenditure, because they know what plans lay behind this. We arent aware of how much power we have, but we dont use it all.

    2. Wow…it could be true…we will be more controlled more i think…sad but there is nothing we can do…

  2. you are a bit rude mate this is why london has gone down hill this is why i dont want to vistit london

  3. In Vancouver , B.C. WE have the same thing. Its called COMPASS CARD. Its the same thing as OYSTER CARD in London. Anyways, chip, chip, cheerio.

  4. I enjoyed your how to use the travel bit around london one things for sure i love the Routemaster for godsake bring them back . Somebody out there build them again please please . What is london with out the red
    Routemaster . The boris bus looks like its been filled with helium . Its horrible . Actually they look like boris . Bring back London Transport.

  5. The next station is Angel… Oh my God.. Thats in Islington.. I used to use it everyday for work.. Those were the days Lol

    1. Id like to. Hes very busy though.

  6. When I was a teenager a group of bought Red Rover Tickets and a Saturday jumping on and off buses to see how many different routes we could ride. The minimum ride was one stop, did we make a record well no someone!!!!! dropped the note book.

  7. Can I use my contactless debit card on the bus from trafalgar square to tower hill. It is is the only bus service I want to use as the rest of the attractions I would like to see are walkable. I noticed you used an oyster card.

    1. You can use contactless cards anywhere that uses oyster cards. So yep, all buses and tubes that keep within the city will take card as well. Itll charge you about £1.50 (I think) no matter how many buses you hop on, as long as you do so within an hour of your first tap

  8. Get the Visitor Oyster Card for tourists, they dont expire like the regular ones (which you can return for money as the video explains but you have to remember that). Last week I used mine which I hadnt used for 7 years without problems. The regular ones expire if they arent used for 24 months. You cant get it from the machine, only by ordering online.

    Oh and try to take a train instead of the tube when possible (you can also use the Oyster Card for them). They have better air conditioning and dont smell like someone dropped a can of engine oil).

  9. Shove traveling round London right up your arse mate that place is done for me and thousands of others up here in the north its gone to far shove the multicultural shite right up it !!

  10. London sucks. Expensive crowded and difficult to maintain yourself.
    Oyster card again expensive.

  11. Our students LOVE this city. Thank you for sharing the video. Hope to join one of your walks

  12. you dont need an oyster card at all — ive done it without one

  13. okay wait i don’t get it someone help. so i can put £15 on it when i get it and just use it unlimitedly?

  14. Anybody knows the background song at the end of this clip????? Im almost dying….

  15. I dont understand why people arent able to top up the oyster card. Its easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  16. When i useed the oystwr card in bus that time i rememered you
    Thanks bro

  17. Oh, nice. I have a 6 floor building newly built in 2015 in Tanyin, Henan of China, which has 105 million population, she is the biggest population in China. My house is built for a hostel or company branch office with stores, car parking etc. Hope you can join hands with me or take it for 5-8 years long hire.

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    1. @Philip Croft Yep! Went to London last year and im still alive.

    2. *If youre begging for money on YouTube, you basically have no human rights.*

    3. Am traveling to UK next week how can l get da card from stansted to milton city or from stansted to Luton

  19. Proceed with caution in London. Not a safe city at all. Intact its a shithole.

  20. Maybe mention the Zones… most visitors will limit themselves to Zones 1 and 2.

  21. The so called new Routemasters are used by people who have no intention of paying. TFL must be losing money hand over fist by these ‘entitled’ leeches that blight, what is an excellent service. How do they do it! By getting on at the middle and back doors and often sit at the back so they can make a hasty exit if inspectors should get on.

  22. I did not know you could use your contactless bank card now. Thank you Joolz.

  23. if you buy the oyster card for a week, does it mean you have unlimited passes for a week?

  24. Just came across your video — fantastic! thanks. Will be in the UK for the last week in October — first stop Oyster card vending machine, second stop No15 bus. Fabulous thanks again. Pity the stand on the right rule is not so effectively enforced here in Aus. (Nice to keep the Ashes as well :-))

  25. I teach travel classes to Britain over here in Austin, TX… am in awe of you Joolz. Extremely fantastic stuff you are putting out here! (Plus, its a good giggle!)

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  27. If you want to be monitored by TfL and their spies, use Oyster. If you value your privacy-as I do-get a paper ticket….

  28. Taking a bus instead of Underround is much cheaper, and you see more, so I only Underground it when in a hurry. And keep your card for your next trip to London!

    1. Yes, you can end up doing a load of walking just getting to the tube platform. Sometimes bus or even walking is easier ( check the Transport for London tfl website for their funky maps)

  29. I guess being fing rude af and pompous is also a part of being in london

  30. You forgot to mention, when using your contact-less bank card, if you have more than one bank card, make sure you swipe in & out with the same card

    1. @Mary Ann Borg once i was sitting on the bus and an unfortunately guy trying to get on board with his card but for some reason the driver couldnt let him travel perhaps because there wasnt enough money left on his card or something so they were arguing the bus driver and the black fella he had little child with him so i stepped in and i used my oyster card to pay for his fare…

  31. Last year we went to London and got oyster cards. When we went home, we did not return the cards and still have remaining credits. We are going back in October 2019. Will the oyster cards still work?

  32. I didnt know the oyster card could be used on the boats as well… Nice video thanks

  33. What is the name of the last song. Its a very popular composition in my country, but with Persian lyrics.

    1. FEED YOUR BRAIN, The very last song is called Those Were The Days, I dont know who was singing that version but the one that I know is done by a singer called Mary Hopkin and was released in 1968.

  34. Hello everyone! If interested in London, come and watch this latest video about Angel in London 🙂

  35. What if I just want to go from Paddington to Kings Cross….4.86 quid seems a bit steep.

    1. @Ynysmitwr Thanks; I used my Mastercard and worked fine. Hopefully they dont screw me on Forex fees!

    2. Its £2.40 using Oyster or contactless (£4.90 is the cash fare — which is why it doesnt make a lot of sense to use cash!)

  36. Always tap in AND out, except for on buses, where you only tap in. 🙂

  37. 4:08 whenever I see Tate Modern, it always makes me think that its giving me the middle finger. Beautiful.

  38. So do you think London Pass is not helpful? Ill be in London for 2.5 days, Im thinking what kind of tickets should I buy online here first, any suggestions?

    1. @NewBeginnings Thanks for suggestions! I might just get the hoop on off bus/river cruise for one day just to get a high level idea of london.

    2. @Becca L The pass is good only if youre interested in most of the attractions. If you only plan to visit two/three you could be wasting your money. In that case, get the oyster yourself and pay to visit the attractions you want. But if you like a good number of the attractions included, youll save money getting the pass

    3. NewBeginnings tickets to 80 attractions. I think they are regular tickets about $75usd

  39. excellent, so long as you know where you are, and want to go to. Only been to LUNUN once, got on the underground, and arrived in Cornwall.

  40. Using the Oyster Card from the airport isnt always the the best way to go. This is how it works.
    Heathrow — the tube goes right into the airport so buy a card from the machine and off you go. 50 pounds will be about right for a week.
    Stansted — no Oyster available so all you can do is take the express to Liverpool Street and use the Oyster from there. Its a pretty decent ride of almost an hour. Tickets are cheaper if you buy online in advance.
    Gatwick — this system was designed by a civil servant so of course its confusing. You can use an Oyster to get in to London but if you do you will pay full price. You are better off buying in advance online and then using the Oyster once you arrive at Victoria or St Pancras.

  41. I found your video amazing! I learned about the airline with it, and found it really interesting! Thank you very much! All these information helped me a lot! Looking foward to meet London!

  42. Thank you

    Now I know, from were black holes come and my butt hurts.

  43. I never visit London without taking a black cab ride. Its like magic riding through the west end in the evening.
    Great videos, so glad to find this channel. Its got me pining for the fjords of Kensington. Thank you.

  44. Of course if you think the oyster cards are a bit too complicated you can still get an old fashioned paper travel card which are about the same price and do the same job.

    1. @Joolz Guides — London History Walks — Travel Films
      Wait, an off peak travel card zone 1-6 costs £13.10 and an off peak Oyster card zone 1-6 costs £12.80 so unless ive missed something the cost difference is negligible.

    2. No, the paper ones will cost double. A single is much cheaper with Oyster or contactless payment.

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