Год: 2015
Издательство: Insight Guides
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105 Replies to “Edinburgh”

  1. Edinburgh UK is a beautiful place with a beautiful night life and architecture.

  2. No matter how many fresh comedians pop out conan will always be the one to score the biggest laughter.

  3. You only had to tell him how to say Edinburgh properly. Passively saying it to Conan correctly.

  4. Why did he just sit back and listen to that pronunciation of Edinburgh Disgusting

  5. Ohh yes, hes telling the truth. Im from Manchester England and yes the dark histories were pretty dire but we learn from it. Glad Im living in this age lol.

  6. You’re not even fae Edinburgh ya bawsack, you’re fae Fife… be proud tae be a Fifer

  7. Someone please help Im a bit confused about Edinburghs history? I went to Edinburgh last month and went on a tour of Mary Kings Close and the tour guide said (slightly aggressively) that they DID NOT brick people into their houses… that is a complete myth. But every other source (Including another tour guide not at Mary Kings Close, the internet and this guy) says that they did? But idk whether to ignore the MKC tour guide because its the official building so surely it was accurate?

  8. The British love Americans mispronouncing words and place-names.
    It’s cute like toddlers are cute.

  9. i was today years old when i learned edinburgh is pronounced edin-borough and not edin-burg

  10. I LOVE Daniel Sloss. Such a smart and entertaining person. Amazing comedian.

  11. Get Daniel to make an appearance on an Edinburgh episode of Drunk history!

  12. I legit didnt realize Andy was sitting there until around 5 minutes in…

  13. Christians didnt ban medicine. In fact some monasteries were known for the medical research. However, they did discourage human dissection.

  14. I loved his standup and now I love him personally hes pretty cute and the ACCENT

  15. Im not saying people the play golf dont have a sex life Im just suggesting it…Tiger Wood would beg to differ

  16. can i also meet someone who can tell me dark histories, not stories that makes you look pretentious and superficial

  17. Amazing young comedian. The dark comedy is dwindling. This guys is reviving it and doing a good job at it.

  18. Conan interrupts a lot. Just let him finish what he’s saying before you cut him off.

  19. Id watch a hundred hours of Daniel just sharing interesting history facts. Love him!

  20. Conan is so awkward and nerdy to be funny. Certainly not a comic. Sona needs to find a real comedian to work for

  21. Its a name if a place so pronounce it as its meant to be or dont say it. Its like when he gets annoyed with how people pronounce Conan. Learn English.

  22. why do Americans pronounce Edinburgh like that? Daniel is saying it repeatedly and Conan keeps going back to the wrong pronounciation. Why? The arrogance….

  23. On his Netflix special, this guy keeps on saying that his parents were absolute geniuses (and they are legit) and how he didnt inherit any of their wonderful, intellectual genes. But look how smart he is here.

  24. I stayed at a hostel in Edinburgh, old town, and it was across the street from where the lady was executed . . . I think she then opened a bar? Lmao

  25. why are American talk show hosts so awkward at asking questions and maintaining conversation? ..Do you one single good thing to say about edinburgh…You dont have any good thing to say about edinburgh?..These are just horr……Bloody ell you ginger Spidurus look-alike…we get that Daniels making grim jokes and its very funny HAHA

  26. Daniel are you ever going to tell him hes mispronouncing the name of the place?

  27. I hate the way Americans say burgh it is not pronounced burrow

  28. May I post a link to my video on Scottish Reformation & civil war 1540-1660 ?

  29. aye weve been deep intae the cheapskate pish since the dark ages

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