Dirty Bertie An English King Made in France

Год: 2014
Автор: Stephen Clarke
Издательство: Random House
Despite fierce opposition from his mother, Queen Victoria, Edward VII was always passionately in love with France. He had affairs with the most famous Parisian actresses, courtesans, and can-can dancers. He spoke French more elegantly than English. He was the first ever guest to climb the Eiffel Tower with Gustave Eiffel, in defiance of an official English ban on his visit. He turned his French seduction skills into the diplomatic prowess that sealed the Entente Cordiale.

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  1. Robert was the eldest song,William Rufus was the second and Henry was the youngest.William had the throne because he was his father’s favourite.Robert had eventually got Normandy and had his mothers support and eventually rebelled

  2. Being gay was not surprising. The Romans,arabs,and French were more open about it at that time.

  3. Upon William I (The Conquerors) death Robert Curthose (his eldest son), became Duke of Normandy, William II (Rufus) inherited England (William Is second son) and Henry I is the one who only inherited money.
    James I was not announced to be heir to the throne during Elizabeth Is lifetime. She only named him heir to the throne on her deathbed.

  4. There are so many inaccuracies in this blatant bit of propaganda. Only one monarch to which we any historical evidence of homosexuality is James I. All others mentioned are not. As discussed by past historians, not a shred of evidence exists, instead we have innuendos written by political rivals. Perhaps these individuals ought to pursue a different career.

  5. climate change and potato famine two myths so ill take the rest as bullshit as well fuck you, you owe me twenty minutes !

    1. @Gabriella potato crop was just fine those years , the king confiscated most of the food in Ireland to feed his army . the victor always writes history and potato famine is the story they went with look it up but not on mainstream media keeper of all the lies !

  6. All them royals are gay!! And quit saying bisexual!! If you sleep with the same sex your gay

  7. Queen Elizabeth has an openly gay cousin and she supports him. So there’s a start

  8. every decision you’ve ever made lead up to you in this comment section

  9. I loved this video but the end stoped me , put 10 bulls in the yard you will not get calfs

  10. 3:16 oh lordy for sure am aware is an opinion thing like for sure dont have anymore or less evidence than anyone else, ngl me gay biased brain cant help but laugh at stuff like that

    records from ye olden dayes: so these 2 guys were, like, INCREDIBLY gay, like Super hardcore homos, sleeping together, eating off the same plate, very much having of the gayest times. With Each Other. In Love. Both dudes.Together. Doing It. Being In Love. As Gays.
    Historians: yah so like we think like they were like best *friends* , supes harcore besties, like bffs, heterosexual life partners, you know?? idk tho is kinda hard to tell

    nope no if one of them were a woman thered be no trouble slapping the lovers label on them, but suddenly they are all but painted being constantly balls deep in each other and suddenly its difficult to tell bc of the court language loooool

    fair play to the narrator tho, can only go off what the historians n that say

  11. Why all of the energy spent on supposition (and that is all it is) of historical people who MIGHT have been gay? What is the point?

  12. Upon James ascension to the English throne he became James I of England, but remained James VI of Scotland. They were two separate countries ruled under one monarch and didnt become one until the Acts of Union of 1701, creating the State of Great Britain. They still are two different countries, as is Wales a country of its own, but under British rule.

  13. that was crap. Just a lousy voice over some images found on Google. Lame attempt.

  14. In that time they have a lot of time to experience a lot experiments on people because at that area no Internet to live virtual life like now,so nobody knows for real what this ♔ really enjoys at last always homosexuality exists even you people accept or not,some man dont even care about other sex as long as hi is boring and want to try new things out. At that time most things wont be publish wasnt internet to find everything at one click. So people must understand that people are totally complicated species which makes us to expect a lot of changes by the time how ever humanity it always be the same when it comes about sexuality behave.

  15. It would seem that this whole piece was made to strengthen an agenda. An American NPC using English history to flog her rather biased view of the world is disgusting. So much of it was inaccurate and much of it was based upon political bias at the time. Why this came up in my feed I have no idea. I watched it with a warped fascination. The internet it a wonderful thing but much of the factual based posts should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  16. Sorry, what was that about climate change causing a year of Famine?….seriously?

  17. William Rufus was not William the Conquers eldest son, Robert was. William only got England because William liked William Rufus better than Robert. So William Rufus got England, Robert got Normandy, and Henry was sent to a monastery but later ruled England.

  18. What if they were just playing checkers in bed..??? And wating out of the same plate to talk in private

  19. Where did you get the music playing? I really like it! Great video

  20. Speculation on royal sexual preferences, but we have to have a reference to medieval climate change ? Give it a rest for once.

  21. I give respect to this Kings and queens to be themselves I feel bad for them

  22. Wow the misinformation is thick in this one. William III was famous for having many mistresses both during his marriage with Mary and after her death. In addition, I find your ideas at his introduction just plain silly — Parliament calling the shots. That was Williams own idea because he and his predecessors had had such problems with the English ruling class and parliamentary rule reflected Dutch egalitarianism and their own system of government. Do your homework, William actually invaded England with a force three times as large as the Spanish Armada a century before and sent James army packing at Salisbury Field before there was even a serious fight.

    William occupied London and ordered the Coldstream and Royal Guards out of the city. Dutch troops then occupied London for the next eighteen months. While his spies had sought out seven members of Parliament that would support his kingship before his invasion it was well known that he planned to invade anyway — regardless of support. Papal spies even warned James about the preparations who refused to believe it.

    Williams first act after taking London was to recall the still living members of the last Parliament from before Monmouths Rebellion since many of the Loyal Parliament were Catholic and had fled with James to France. Then with Dutch troops in the hall and surrounding the building the first act of that Parliament was to invite William to secure the throne for himself. Yeah — Parliament really called the shots. This misinformation has survived so long because of the hatred for King Billy and the fact that he successfully invaded England.

    He was hated by the nobles and thus started the rumors of homosexuality. Anne could hardly be relied upon for a reliable opinion as she was known to be as dumb as a bag of hammers and many thought she was mentally retarded. William is rumored to have commented about her that he also did not worry about her progeny competing with his own families (Orange) claims to the throne because hers was a field that was so thoroughly plowed that it should have produced — but alas it could not. Parliament could have chosen another male from the House of Orange if theyd been so inclined regardless of William being without direct heir — but their disdain for the Dutchman (who had done so much for England) caused them to go to Hanover for the next King after Anne anyway.

    Stop reading bad text books and wikipedia and do some real research. They love to call it the Glorious Revolution or Bloodless invasion. It was neither a Revolution nor bloodless. It was in fact one of the most successful coups and invasions in history. The fact that you call it a simple invitation continues to reflect its success. Let the people believe it was all planned and part of the program — they will never know any better. …and they still do it to us to this day. LOL

    1. @Gabriella Not so. The surviving letters prove the affair. Elizabeth had been friends with Mary for years. Mary first realized something was going on when Monmouth came to visit them in Holland even though King Charles asked them not to receive him. Monmouths attentions on Mary (and a rumored affair) were practically ignored by William because he was so enamored of Elizabeth. Mary was incensed and even deeply hurt — and the long term affair destroyed their friendship. Mary demanded that they stop but neither one of them did. After William became King of England he gave Elizabeth one of the most generous fortunes of the time — a gigantic rich estate and something like a 27,000 pound pension if I remember correctly. An immense amount that really pissed off the people (and the nobles) and basically confirmed the long running rumors about the two of them.

    2. @Buccaneers Reef I thought his relationship with Villiers was based on rumors

    3. @Gabriella Suggest you read a little more. William was a soldier who had campaigned from a young age. When he married Mary there was a 12 year age gap and they had little in common or to talk about and Mary was emotionally unready to be a wife or a queen at age 15. Biographers have commented that this childish attitude put William off and that he preferred motherly FEMALE lovers that he could converse with and take advice from. It took time for the couple to gain admiration for one another but that did not stop William from from impregnating Mary in the first months of marriage. She had a miscarriage and its thought that the difficulties from that prevented her from having children at all — and that she likely had several more miscarriages. While William is known to have dallied with actresses and with the odd attractive camp or campaign whore, the mistress you speak of was actually Marys own lady in waiting Elizabeth Villiers and it was well known that they were having an affair by 1685 very probably because Elizabeth was a little older, had been Williams eyes and ears as an intelligence gatherer and confidant and that she had those motherly affectations William preferred. This affair was long term and I think the reason that you see this idea that she was his only lover is that it was probably true — IN ENGLAND — but not while he was abroad or on campaign (which took up a huge amount of the Kings life). There are other writers who have suggested that Mary was the gay one based on her letters to friends LOL. Most of the gay attributions have their roots from the derogatory slander of the hateful Jacobite rebel gentlemen — and modern scholars have taken their jibes seriously.

    4. I dont remember reading about William having mistresses other than one.

  23. Mon-ark?? Who cares if they were gay?? What does it matter? Why do you feel it necessary to pull apart the memories and myth of past people?? Leave them alone! They are dead! Let them rest in peace!

  24. That freaking flute is so annoying!!! I love history. It is interesting. But the background music is unbearable.

  25. As long as they are all a bunch of foreigners from over there , do not speak the local language and are perhaps absent for a great part, if not all of their reign — its alright !

  26. I would say there were more royals who had lgbt preferences but no one knew of them keep under the cover would think.

  27. The stories of King James being homosexual didnt start until 25 years after his death, notice also rumors of William starting after his death, etc. there does seem to be a pattern there.

  28. I dont know where you get the idea homosexuality was taboo in the middle ages, it was socially acceptable even in the church, it only went out of favour due to jealous courtiers.

  29. Wat the rebel Tyler is my ancestor. 37th grandfather, I believe???

  30. Neg blood can not breed with positive Which is probably the lack of breeding.

  31. climate change in the middle ages?

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  32. You had to add the bit about discrimination at the end? For that you deserve a thumb-down. Dont you all start sending me comments about being *phobe cause I have the right to my opinions as well as you do!

  33. Thought this might be interesting after watching many Timeline history documentaries which are superb in general…. then saw the publishing date. I wont bother watching but Im guessing historical facts are ignored, the truth is merely an obstacle and all gay people are horribly oppressed by wicked hillbilly types. Also, everyone was gay, and if they had kids and slept with the opposite sex they were super gay ( if they were men) , or oppressed by the patriarchy ( women). And everyone was racist too, and bigoted. Just a guess.

    1. @Gabriella
      The interpretation of peoples actions 100 years ago through the lens of a leftists 2019 eyes has to be the biggest crime at the moment, we are destroying the past because of sheer stupidity.

  34. Tsar Ferdinant 1 of Bulgaria, ruled from 1887 until 1918, he was bisexual. He dies in 1947

  35. I can only guess it’s because I watched dick Gregory is why YouTube recommended this to me.

  36. Vanity, thine name is my butt. Does it look too big? Fabulous!!! So lets go fight the battle then guys. OK I think Im ready now. Oh let me have the sword with the sparkles. A Horse, A Cow, my Kingdom for a Sow!!!

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  38. They made a lot of historical mistakes in this vid…I’m not sure how true this is.

  39. Europeans birthed homosexuality so this is a peculiar video……Rome was full of grown men sleeping with little boys.

    1. Gabriella How am I “singling out” one race with regard to homosexuality by merely identifying that the first race of people that historical record supports engaging in homosexuality were people who evolve in the Caucasus mountains during the Wormian Ice Age……That is synonymous with saying that I’m singling out one race for engaging in the peculiar institution of chattel slavery in the Western Hemisphere…..Associating a population of people with a particular behavior is not singling them out but more so providing an account of who those people were historically.

    2. @Hasani Jitu Yeah but singling out one race for homosexuality is completely laughable

    3. Gabriella wow you really are ill informed if you believe that the pyramids throughout the cradle of civilization did not house written records through symbols, drawings and other items that told a clear story of who the people within these civilizations were……The bible is nothing more than a doctored recreation of The Book of the Dead……You will not find anything historically on the planet earth that supports homosexuality amongst African people before European occupation…..Africa is the cradle of civilization where mankind began so I don’t understand what you mean when you make reference to unnamed other places…..You really need to work on your understanding of the evolution of mankind prior to Caucasian people who evolve through the Wormian Ice Age as a direct result of biological climatology.

    4. @Hasani Jitu Im not talking about just in Africa. In fact, there almost wasnt written records for anything in Africa.

  40. I heard on a youtube video that Richard II was a tyrant. I am no expert on him though.

  41. It’s pretty well known that Richard wasn’t gay, there is some wording that sounds gay to modern people but he did not sleep with men. There’s also a bunch of incorrect dates and names in this, don’t believe a word of it

  42. Lmao the first one is my great great great great great and so on uncle.

  43. Many of your comments, whilst loosly founded, are wildly inaccurare. One example would be mary queen of scots. another example would be her son. I strongly suggest a large edit of this video to be more accurate, in particular a knowledge of middle age British arististocracy, as you seem to have a few misconceptions. In particular the appointments of duchies and earldoms; current practice is allocation of duchies to members of the royal family, which you have understood in reverse, ancient practice was allocation to allies, not solely members of the royal family. Much more research is needed, slightly offended but its fixable.

  44. You want to make more fascinating videos? Try to make them more accurate. Hiw right was King James! First class translation and what else.

  45. A very clear pronunciation and a nice music.
    Elisabeth 1 was a king but her successor James 6 was a queen -) hehehe

  46. #QueenElizabethii #Habsburg #Monarch #England #UnitedKingdom #GreatBritain #Inbred #Royal

  47. Those are not the rules for succession today. QE2 changed primogeniture and now males no longer have presidence over females.

  48. What about internalized homophobia and preservation tactics do y’all not understand?

  49. If I was queen, Gaviston coulda caught these hands lmao. The nerve of some ppl smh

  50. Interesting… you’re leaving out the Jesuit infiltration and child abuse causing them to have deviant sexual issues though.. thus leading to a split of the psyche and excessive fighting and drug/alcohol abuse problems that coincide with that type of corruption..

  51. i love learning about historical homos as much as the next gay, but half of this shit isnt even accurate

  52. Wait so the Bible was ordered to be written by one of only 6 gay kings of England lol

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