Actinobacteria from Tropical Forest with Biotechnological Potential

Год: 2011
Автор: Rafael Vasconcellos and Elke Cardoso
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Araucaria angustifolia or Brazil Pine is a typicaltree of the endangered Atlantic Forest biome, and formany decades it was the source of Brazilian wood.This species is also very important in providing foodand feed, as well as raw material for joinery,cellulose pulp and varnish. Due to the economic andenvironmental importance of A. angustifolia, researchprojects involving the preservation and management ofthis species are becoming more urgent and necessary.Actinobacteria with antagonic effects against theplant pathogens Fusarium sp. and Armillaria sp. andplant growth promotion activity were isolated. Inthis book we describe several microbial isolationtechnics and greenhouse experiments that can be usedto screen for growth promoting characaters and arethe base for new biotechnological products. Ourresults constitute a solid fundament to lead to thedevelopment of plant growth promoting bacterialinoculants and innovating technologies and managementtechniques with regard to the control…

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  1. Couldnt the marked carbon isotope have been transfered from one tree to the other by aboveground processes?

  2. Wouldnt it be interesting if there is a greater awareness that we can all connect to and you can share and obtain knowledge from it. Wouldnt it be interesting if Cannabis was the key to doing this. Wouldnt it be interesting if you can get information, years before the mainstream scientists discover it — only to have a Computer with built-in security flaws in the CPU so the monopoly-men can steal your intellectual property and claim it as their own. Wouldnt it be interesting if people realized we are all part of this greater awareness and thereby literally connected to each other; thereby it making sense to treat your neighbor as if they were yourself. Wouldnt it be interesting if the everything in this comment was based on reality.

  3. It sounds like im hearing the cadence from the first sentence over and over and over lol…(a.k.a. sounds monotone) It looks to be a consequence of doing so many cuts without paying any attention to the flow between cuts

  4. Plants know that resource redistribution is essential for a healthy ecosystem. Wish humans did the same.

  5. What if we can use the chemical impulses betwen plants and convert them to some kind of data? It sounds pretty sci-fi but we did it with dna… we would be able to actualy comunicate with plants, I wonder what my marijuana says about me…

  6. Ohhhh, so thats how the U.S.S. Discovery travels so fast. Sounds dumb when I say it out loud.

  7. The idea of plants defending themselves used to be called mulching, now we call it permaculture. Then, companies like Monsanto brainwashed growers into being addicted to petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Any conversation about “How Fungi Help Plants Communicate” is not complete when you leave out the notion that SciShow and SciShow patrons, through their silence and complacency, allow greedy, soulless corporations to do these things.

  8. *Psssst* *psssst* Hey! Hey! You got any Nitro or even some Phos bro…

  9. Even plants understand that you have to help each other out. Yet here we are, arguing over whether or not its a good idea to have Universal Healthcare and a living wage. lol

  10. Invisible? Ive worked a multiple internet service providers of multiple types, its very visible.

  11. The internet is not invisible! And it uses lots and lots of electricity!

  12. The internet is the greatest achievement of humanity. Change my mind.

  13. It is great that this understanding is starting to become more mainstream. However, it is far from new. Some native american tribe on the east coast, perhaps elsewhere too, were aware of this well before the 19th century. They lacked the scientific terms and experimental data to prove their beliefs. It seems that there data was more experiential and observational than anything else.

  14. I had the unfortunate experience of choosing this video for beginner stenography practice in 0.25 speed.

  15. So that means plants invented the Internet waaaay before humans did.

  16. Much better question… how did all millennial woman independently and sporadically develop vocal frys?

    Please solve this question SciShow

  17. It sounds like the electric grid, with trees dumping power when they overproduce

  18. Is there something wrong with her voice? It always rasps off hoarsely at the end.

  19. Um most farmers have know this for years…Scientist are the ones slacking.

  20. They got the mommy monicor from fantasy, myth and games called the mother tree, great trees that maintain the health of elven lands and prevent corruption to the forest and you just proved that plants attack unsuitable invaders.
    We knew of it its from our myths.

  21. Do insects tap into this network? Ive always had a feeling mosquitoes were a forrests army…

  22. better if you will create a tutorial video, but anyway this simply worked
    good one!

  23. Ive been saying this to my friends for about 8 years and half the time they think Im crazy. Now science is backing me up. Much of nature becoms more understanding to me with each magic mushroom trip I do.

  24. I came here expecting loads of people to say its not communication, its passive and chemically programmed into them and such which I kind of feel too, but woah internet, all the comments are pretty hilarious. Yay humans!

  25. The nutrients are distributed where theyre needed most? Are you telling me these trees are communists? Those damn red(wood)s!

  26. I think our pre-civilization ancestors, living in the forests and plains, probably understood there was a connection between plants and trees in a local area. Tree worship may be partly a result of close observation of natural processes.

  27. ohh now i know why *The Grand Oak* rhythm —-> he wants to connect ….. dam it dragon age origins mess up my head

  28. Mycorrhizae can also police their network. There are mycelia that form nooses from specific cells, and these nooses have their mechanisms to trap and squeeze nematodes.

  29. Its amazing how all a plant needs is a bit of water and sunlight to produce food. There aint many species capable of doing that.

  30. sooo… the amazon fourchan is now cooking the new human-defense polen? like in that shayamalan movie?

  31. AKA Weirwoodnet

    Or Pequenino fathertrees.

    Sometimes nature is stranger than fiction.

  32. 2018: I bet there will be flying cars in the future
    2069: I can now talk to plants

  33. So I take it that means the Druids back in the day were actually correct with having sacred trees?

  34. Agrarian socialism FTW — Alexander Herzen is redeemed at last

  35. Can we please accelerate the evolution of this information highway, to the point of sentient trees? 😀

  36. once we master that, we have officially passed the margin to be called GODS, right?

  37. This is so badass. Ive been getting sick of the internet, maybe ill take a break and surf the plant web! Ha!

  38. Stick to these instead of always downplaying natural beneficial remedies and lifestyles, Debbie Downer

  39. So one reason plants in pots dont survive is that they could be feeling lonely & disconnected!

  40. 0:06 What do you mean invisible?! If I look out my window on the pole I can see the fiber optic cable that brings the internet to the people in the street, its neatly labeled by my ISP.

  41. Goes to show you how much advance nature is in relation to humans technological advancements.

    I do love technology in general, though I find nature more fascinating. If only we had the code to interact with nature… Kind of reminds me of Jame Camerons Avatar.

    Not only understanding plants but other animals and learn from them as well.

  42. Another phenomenal reason why HUMANS are Soooo unneeded on this beautiful Earth

  43. Severs are invisible? Must make it difficult for the admins..

  44. Since the network is made of mycelium, when can we use them to travel across space?

  45. Oh no… The movie The Happening, will happen some day. Humans are so screwed.

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